is niet meer.

De ploeg van is verhuisd naar waar we samen met anderen aan een nieuwswebsite werken. De komende weken en maanden bouwen we om tot een archief van 10 jaar werk van honderden vrijwilligers.

Settling cluelessly

Settling cluelessly

I have now been at indymedia for one month as a volunteer. I have found it to be quite a beneficial experience. I came here hoping to
learn something and improve skills and so far that is what has happened. Escaping the dulldrums of the west of ireland was without a doubt neccessary for me.
I have now worked on several items. When i am sent out with another volunteer i may not be able to communicate with the person who we are interviewing and remain somewhat clueless to what is happening, but i still try to capture something worthwhile. Everytime i use the camera im taking baby steps towards becoming competent, although sometimes i step a little backwards i believe that eventually all aspects of the reports that i do will look and sound good.
The way in which indymedia works is good. People volunteer, because they feel strongly about what they are doing and not because they expect to gain financially or in any other way. There is definately too much emphasis towards selfishness and greed in the world today.


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