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Nigerian author Chris Dahi presented in Berchem his newest publication “Little Pieces of Trauma”

Nigerian author Chris Dahi presented in Berchem his newest publication “Little Pieces of Trauma”

Before a mixed crowd of Belgian sympathizers and members and leaders of the African community, the much-acclaimed Nigerian author Chris Dahi presented on Friday 7 November 2008 in Berchem his newest publication “Little Pieces of Trauma”.

The book expresses the fears, uncertainties and pains of children in trauma laden and prone situations and circumstances the world over. The Little Pieces of Trauma is not a collection of stories geared towards evoking emotions and sentiments. They are real life stories of children trapped and stranded in societies and circumstances that have made them to take part in situations and issues that have left indelible marks on their psyche and bodies. Children who not to their making have totally missed their childhood and adolescence and become adults in the mind while still trapped in the bodies of children. These are children whom the society view and treat as children, while the condition they are in have forced them to indulge in adult goings.

This book is neither a plea or a cry, it is simply an expression of the truth in the lives of these children, an expression of the experience and woes of children all over the world who have lived and are still living in trauma situations.

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