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De ploeg van is verhuisd naar waar we samen met anderen aan een nieuwswebsite werken. De komende weken en maanden bouwen we om tot een archief van 10 jaar werk van honderden vrijwilligers.

Yeff! 2007 Day 1 : Arrival

Yeff! 2007 Day 1 : Arrival

It is now day six on this Yeff adventure and i have to say that fun has been had throughout the duration. So I hear you ask what have you been doing, well allow me to tell you.......
On the first day of the adventure we (me, arnout and greet) left Brussels at around five or so in the evening, destination Lille. We were heading to Lille to attend Yeff Campus the first stage of YEFF! ( Young European Film Forum For Cultural Diversity). The idea behind the YEFF! campus was too meet people from other different european countries and create a short movie based on the topic of cultural diversity.
After a fine feed (heel belangrijk voor Chris!!, cfr Greet) and introductions with all other participants who hailed from Belgium, Hors Cadre and Polland it was time for a brief visit to Lille. Then a sleep..........ZzZzZzZzZzZ.....ummmm


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