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De ploeg van is verhuisd naar waar we samen met anderen aan een nieuwswebsite werken. De komende weken en maanden bouwen we om tot een archief van 10 jaar werk van honderden vrijwilligers.



Just "a few bad apples"? Read and see.
The (U.S.) Marine Corps Times reports: "Three officers - including an infantry battalion commander and two of his company commanders - were fired April 7 for “lack of confidence,” a Corps spokesman said. Relieved were Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani, who commanded the Camp Pendleton, Calif.-based 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines; India Company commander Capt. James Kimber; and Kilo Company commander Capt. Luke McConnell, said 2nd Lt. Lawton King, a spokesman for 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton.

Officials previously have confirmed that Chessani’s battalion was under investigation for an alleged Nov. 19 rampage by the battalion’s Kilo Company Marines in the Iraqi city of Haditha that left 15 civilians dead, including seven women and three children."

Marines in other cases have murdered babies in their beds and in their mothers' wombs, according to current news reports. The so-called conservatives who, millions of them, vote solely to end abortion of fetuses in wombs, have lots of excuses for Marine murderers of the unborn and newborn. After all, the Marines are brave: it does take a certain kind of boldness to kill kids as Kilo (Killo) Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment did in Haditha, Iraq, during November last year.

Also, the Marines are good guys in their annual Toys for Tots campaign (I avoid mentioning the holy day they insult with this). For Iraqi kids, they have high-speed bullets that actually tear entire small bodies to shreds, exploding the little figures as President Bush once did to frogs. By an incredibly sick turn, they then give dolls to American children.

Of course, U.S. Rep. John Murtha -- a Democrat war hawk who sent the Marines to the killing fields of Iraq and who fawns over people like Marine commandant Michael Hagee, his special confidant -- says the troops were put under tremendous stress, but that they "murder" if they kill civilians with premeditation. However, in America, stress is practically unheard of as a murder defense for using assault rifles on children.

The likes of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News make Murtha, military hawk that he is, the issue. He is going too far, they say, in calling Marines murderers. They haven't been charged yet, though Marine commandant Hagee has magnanimously admitted to Murtha that his troops did, unfortunately, idulge in a little child plinging in Iraq. Some are calling Murtha "the first ex-Marine," surely a classic unintended compliment.

No "bad apples"? The core / Corps is rotten.

President Bush, is "troubled" by the Marine hate-crime murders in Haditha. (Well, at least he is not like the lady in Hamlet who "doth protest too much.") He notes that these 24 killings are not up to the Marines' usual "high standards" of killing, which usually are restricted to Iraqi patriots defending their own soil and, as it turns out, their "tots." The killings are not up to the "high standards" of killing unarmed civilians who approach too close to a convoy or too fast toward a checkpoint, or combatants who have been taken down and are writhing in pain -- whom Marines finish off with machinegun bursts as other Marines cheer. The Marines joined The Proud for a college education they couldn't ever afford, not to take any risks to spare civilians. So they always shoot first, ask questions never (Marine OFFICERS covered this story up until Time Magazine recently exposed it in print), and take less risk than US ground forces ever have in war.


Official estimates from various sources place the loss of civilian life in Iraq at 40,000 to 100,000 -- "collateral damage," the Marines, Army, Air Force (my former branch), and Navy call these. Human beings, formerly living, I call them. Even the lower figure represents over ten thousand Hadithas.

Of course, one must not forget Fallujah, a city the size of Cincinnati, essentially destroyed by the Marines as Lidice in Czechoslovakia was by the Nazi army, along with thousands of its people -- after the armed men, who could have defended the women and children, had left. They just "didn't get it" (the point of US military intimidation), as one US general put it.



One remedy is to disband the US Marine Corps, to add an "e" to its name. Obviously it is not even worthy of the name "military force" any more, since good order and military discipline have completely broken down. It has become sort of an Expeditionary Force of the Ku Klux Klan, a successor to Hitler's SS. There never was any reason for the Marines to exist in the first place, since their functions duplicate some that are necessarily part of the US Army (which of course has had its share of atrocities against civilians in Iraq, Vietnam, and even in the United States, in the Indian wars).

No "bad apples"? The core / Corps is rotten.

Every time US forces commit an atrocity, we are told that it was actions on the part of "a few bad apples." Actually a large part of the problem with the Marines is their tradition as The Elite of sanctioned killers. They are dehumanized by their basic training, more than perhaps any other military force in the world. We do not expect armies to be debating societies. We know what armies are chartered and designed to do -- to kill people and occupy land. We know that America needs military forces in order to survive. However, the Marines, like the German Nazi SS, are different. They are trained to kill reflexively, with almost no concern for civilian life and property. They kill civilians close up and personal, in cold blood, often merely to intimidate. Rep. Murtha should not be surprised at this, as a former Marine. This is an inseparable part of the Marine culture, which basically makes the Marines hopeless. They should be disbanded, and outlawed like any terrorist organization.


The training and culture are no excuse for the Haditha massacre, of course. At least seven Marines apparently might be charged with capital murder. If convicted, they should be executed. So much for the triggermen.

The officers over the triggermen have another level of culpability, possibly not rising to the level of capital punishment. However, if they are responsible for the missions of their men, they are responsible for atrocities by their men. This time, for a change, some officers above the lieutenant level need to take the fall, too, along with the enlisted murderers, and do some serious time in prison.

As for Marine Corps Commandant Michael Hagee, ratting his men to John Murtha is not enough to absolve him of responsibility for Haditha. Hagee should be relieved of command, retired from the payroll of the US government, and not replaced. There should be no Marine Corps commandant.


One would expect every nation on earth to be buying or building nuclear weapons and delivery missiles, if they want to keep the Marines and US Army out. As North Korea has demonstrated, even a suspected nuclear capability is enough to prevent a US Blitzkrieg.

However, there is a more realistic approach for nations wanting to throw a wrench into the gears of the US "Wehrmacht" (German for "war machine"). That is for oil-producing countries to begin accepting payment for oil sales in euros instead of dollars, and for major creditor nations like Japan and China to stop buying US Treasuries and Dump the Dollar.

Do you remember reading in history about War Bond drives to sell US government bonds to finance World War II? It makes no sense for Iran, Venezuela, China and other possible targets of US military and CIA aggression to finance their own destruction. Those Abrams tanks and Humvees are Welfare Abrams and Welfare Humvees. The world can take the US military-industrial complex off welfare by dumping the dollar. George Bush's Wehrmacht will grind to a halt as another one did when the Allies cut off Hitler's oil supply.

Iran, especially, needs to avoid giving the Bush Administration and Israel a pretext for attack (they may concoct one anyway). Inflammatory statements by Iranian officials about nuclear weapons and wiping Israel off the map should be replaced by diplomacy and by economic measures that obviously will work and will not justify military action. Patience, Iran, patience.

When the Bush administrations exits, and assuming that Hillary Clinton (war hawk) does not succeed Bush, the foreign investment in US Treasuries might make sense again, if the Bush administration has not placed it -- and us -- at risk of hyperinflation.


The only immediate real, huge threats to the United States are:

--Not foreign terrorists. Some Americans are so fearful of this they approve just about any action supposed to counter it -- as long as some other Americans have to do the fighting. It is easier to display yellow ribbons than to wear military ones. Our Army, as least persons of good will in it, are among the biggest victims of US military adventurism. A president can do no worse than President Bush has done to our armed forces.

--The destruction of the US economy by the twin deficits the demagogues have used to stimulate the economy, in turn, to finance the war machine.

--The threat of the overthrow of the US Constitution by George Bush, who has referred to the Constitution as "just a piece of paper" (a threat not as far-fetched as we once thought, as we see the executive branch having the FBI invade a Congressman's office and seize documents -- unprecedented).

--Another huge threat is terrorist attacks by representatives of victim cultures that to non-Americans around the world seem justified, and conceivably some that our 100,000 members of the Intelligence Community might somehow allow to slip by. The so-called war on terror actually encourages terrorism by foreigners.

--A law-of-the-jungle world armed with nuclear ICBMs instead of tooth and claw, justified on a country-by-country basis by the threat of US aggression.

The US military, necessary as it is (except for the Marines and the CIA's and DIA's covert-action people), is useless to protect us from ourselves as we elect leaders like the ones we have now -- Democrats and Republicans, not one of whom has effectively and sacrificially opposed converting the US into an aggressor nation. I urge all Americans to think for themselves instead of having the happy-talking newsmen and Beltway pundits on TV do it, and to "ask what they can do for their country" besides blindly supporting bellicosity.

Thank a Marine!

As an American, I am infuriated. As a Proud Marine wife, I am appalled by your comments. It is because of my husband's devotion to this country that you are able to spout your venom. Your right to free speech is protected by the very Marines you criticize and spit on in your "text". You have obviously never been selfless enough to put your life on the line to protect our country. You judge an entire military force by the actions of a few. This war is not the first time unjust acts have been committed - by any branch of service. You cannot, and should not, judge the entire military based on isolated cases. If that logic were to hold true, our human race would not stand up to any test. And you would give a bad name to anyone who considers themself an American. How about thanking these military heroes, and all the heroes who have served before them, for sacrificing their lives, their time with their families, and all the months spent away from home so they can allow you to continue to be ungrateful and hateful. It truly is telling that you are not man enough to pick up a rifle and live as they do for months to over a year at a time. Being a man is certainly a far cry from where you stand! May God bless you anyway!

It is obvious that you have

It is obvious that you have lost your mind years ago. I am quite sure the Air Force was glad to see you go.

If these Marines are guilty they will be punished. They would have been punished even if Time had not printed a word. The military doesn't put their investigations on the front page until they know what happened.

This is pure venom with a political spin. If a Democrat were President, you wouldn't have written this trash.

The Marines have always served proudly and honorably for all administrations.

RE: Thank a Marine!

Amen, Lisa--

As the proud parent of an Army National Guard soldier currently statione in Iraq, I echo your sentiments.

Funny how the left is ready to play judge, jury and executioner without the benefit of due process when it comes to those who are guarding their freedoms, yet are the first to scream that terrorists being held at Gitmo are innocent until proven guilty.


I'm trying to control my knee-jerk reaction to tell you to kiss my ass, but it's difficult.
Estrogen-heavy Punks who haven't served--like you--seem to come to the forefront to criticize. Thank a Marine for giving you that freedom.
I don't know if those guys are guilty, although I have my suspicions they are. Having said that, I still know you should rethink any notion of disbanding the only real fighting force left in this nation.
Best thing to do is let law and order take its course and let it go at that. I think--I KNOW--the guilty will be punished.
If found guilty they're not only guilty of murder but of smearing the Legend of the Corps.

RE: Thank a Marine

Lisa, you are right on! I wonder what this gentleman would have done if one of the 911 terrorists had survived. Would he want him put to death or set him free? This is what is wrong with the world today. We send our troops into areas steaming with terrorists and insurgents and expect them to do nothing. These insurgents are infiltrating the homes of Iraqis some willingly and some under duress. What are our boys to do? Walk in and ask "Are you an insurgent or an innocent victim?" then wait for a bomb or gunfire! These young men and women are fresh out of high school. This is not the way they should be treated for doing their job! I want my son to do what he needs to survive out there and I can tell you if this gentleman were being held captive by insurgents, I would tell my son, "Rescue him, but don't respect him!" I pray this gentleman never needs the assistance of the U.S. Marine Corps! God Bless America and the Corps! Semper Fi!

haditha marines

you're a moron. why dont you move to Iraq and live there for a few months, preferrably in the SUnni Triangle. Tell them how you feel. they'll love you for it, dumb ass

Reply on my article.

I note that you admit Marines probably murdered men, women, and children in Haditha. You resent my characterization of that. Tough.

What do I have the Marines to thank for? They are, what, less than 200,000 dehumanized beings?

You remind me of guys who say they single-handedly won such-and-such war. The Marines are not America's main fighting force and are not indispensable. They are discredited and not of much further use to America.

The Marines and Toys for Tots are insults to America, to Christmas, and to humanity, especially children. Haditha is not the only Marine atrocity in Iraq.

We will lose the war against Iraq, deservedly. If you have served in Iraq, you have been an invader or an occupier. No thanks.

Re: If a Democrat were president...

To Larry:

I hope and think you are wrong. I feel so strongly against the Iraq war that I voted against John Kerry for his support of it. Better the wrong choice (Bush) than no choice at all. (I voted for a third-party candidate.)

In fact, if the Democrats do not run an antiwar candidate in 2008, I probably will vote Republican. Truman once said something like, "A real Republican will beat an imitation one every time."

The culture of the Marines is all wrong. The mission this time is all wrong -- there are real threats, but Iraq wasn't one. America is lost in militarism. We are stuck in World War II as our economy crumbles and our Constitution is threatened.

Lisa, Psychmeister, Marine Mom

Our military is being misused by its commander-in-chief, and I sympathize with every person who has sacrificed for his fight with Saddam Hussein.

Why was Iraq a threat? Because "the government" said so?

N. Korea has nuclear weapons. Why not neutralize them?

China will become a threat. Its economy has surpassed England's. Cheney is goading Russia into being a threat again. Bin Laden is still on the loose. Think about the real threats, not just the bogeymen Bush and other demagogues make up as Hitler made up the Jewish threat.

What do you want to do, fight the whole world?

Be honest. Just because you or your loved one has some blood, sweat, and tears invested in Iraq does not make the invasion right for Iraq, for America, or in the sight of God. We will lose that war.

You are being duped and used.

How about the homeless in America? Thirty percent of them are veterans. Here's how it works: They call you a "troop" to be supported when you are securing the oil in Iraq. But when you get discharged, you are just a "bum." Just look at the news media if you don't believe this. This amounts men being used in the worst way.

As for me, I don't say, "My country, right or wrong." I say, "My country when it's right." That's patriotism. Love the ideals, the land, the people -- not the uniform. Love what the flag stands for, not just everything it is being used for. Respect it and quit wearing it on your sleeve and just about everywhere else.

To Lisa: Re spit on Marines

No, my article does not spit on the overwhelming majority of Marines who have served and are serving honorably. I do not spit on the memory of anyone who has served America honorably the military.

Why men serve: There are many reasons. Defending America is one, but America is not at risk in Iraq or the Middle East. America is at risk in America, at risk from militarist nuts like George Bush.

How did Bush Jr serve compared to his father? It doeesn't compare, you will admit. Bush Sr served when America was in mortal danger from foreign armed forces. Men were drafted then (GHWB volunteered) and served to defend America.

Now people join for an education, for a bounty, for retirement, and other selfish reasons, as well as to defend the country. No one has been drafted for the war on terror because the country doesn't care enough.

If Iraq was a worthwhile war, then why haven't Bush's party-animal daughters signed up, or the children of most of America's leaders? No, the country was not threatened by Iraq. People have to be basically bribed to join and no one is calling for a draft.

Thank a Marine - Stop the contradictions Clayton

Speaking out of both sides of your mouth is no way to make a point. You say that you are not spitting on Marines who have served honorably, yet you talk of a force under 200,000 that should be disbanded. You specifically target the Marine Corps, yet they are not the only service serving in Iraq. And what are YOU doing about our domestic issues? How are YOU helping the indigent? How are YOU reducing poverty? Whether we were in Iraq or not, the Marine Corps would not be deployed to our streets to help the homeless.

You mention that I am being used - I will set that straight. I am a woman of my own mind. I do not believe because others do or say I should. My ideals are mine, no one else's. I do not support a war just because my husband serves. I support my husband who supports his Cammander in Chief, whomever that may be. I do not believe we are trying to take on the world, nor do I believe we are out to run the world. You seem very jaded in your views and I find it nearly impossible to lend any credence to someone's rantings when they cannot even stick to their own arguments. There is no conspiracy behind every corner. And truly, if you do not want to be an American, or support those who are serving the very country you are a part of, then get out! Many people put their lives on the line to get in to this country. This country brings freedoms they dream about. It brings opportunities they would not otherwise have. And here you stand, criticizing every bit of it - so just leave and stay gone. You do not share the ideals of this country, you do not respect our government, our judicial system, or the military veterans. No matter how much you protest that you are not spitting on the Marines "serving honorably", you certainly have.

The Marine Corps has not changed it standards for those who would like to become part of The Few and The Proud! Make all the comments you would like about that, but truth is, they ARE a world class outfit of professionals. I again return to my argument that you cannot judge an entire group because of a few - IF they indeed acted in poor judgement.

People DO join for selfless reasons. It is not a get rich quick scheme, so if there are other benefits, then why not take them. When you apply for any job, you always look at the benefits package as well as the pay. Do not make this about anything other than your own personal vendetta against the military, and our government. I will not waste any more energy on this "discussion". I just hope some day you can find peace within and hopefully that will be in another country.

Lisa, take heart. The oil and dollar-dumping weapons will work!

Lisa, do no be misled.

It has always been true that some persons serve in any army, even Hitler's, out of patriotic feelings. I would not spit on Nazi graves or Confederate graves, would you? I hope all of our guys get home soon and in good condition.

I have patriotic feelings, but they do not extend to the Bush regime.

US aggression can be stopped. I just want the American people to realize it is aggression and how it can be stopped.

The oil weapon and the dollar-dumping weapon can stop the wehrmacht. You and I and like-minded people just need to buy some time -- delay the bombing and incursions into Iran -- for this to happen.

Good luck to you, too.

To: Marine Mom

You sound like a bloodthirsty old harpy.

You don't care about babies murdered in their sleep by "our boys." Maybe something will happen to your "baby."

Your incredibly selfish attitude is perhaps the biggest problem in the world.

Semper Fi? Semper Ha! To hell with the Marine Corpse.