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Politicans, Fat Cats, The Environment and a Sceptical lanky Git

Politicans, Fat Cats, The Environment and a Sceptical lanky Git

Since my last blog i have had an interesting time. I never thought that i would be interviewing politicians when i came here as a volunteer, i still have not but yet i am filming them(its a start). I have been assisting Wim Leysens fron actiplatformpalestina he has been asking the chairpersons from the major flemish parties the same three questions on 40 years of occupation.

so far 3 interviews have been successfully executed and three more remain, although only one more should remain, yet the chairpersons of political parties are busy and overworked especially when coming up to an election when every vote counts to gain or regain power, an issue such as palestine which seems to be a never ending struggle seems to get less priority. i suppose this is logical considering the US will be the major player in settling the dispute, but does the current leadership care, its hard to say sometimes.

too many vested interests in the region me thinks. 'global security' and all that milarky wouldn't it be nice if the large arms manufacturers stopped supplying weapons and ammuntions, but they are not going to do that too many fat cats require the supreme deluxe barbeque, a new lexus, a helicopter, a yacht, a house in st tropez, not forgetting the one in LA, a second wife. All causing much strife. a hand shake of the president, front row seats at 'the big game', cryogenic security, anti hair loss laser treatment and so on. i think you may get my point. The majority of the money eyed baffoons may of course not ever get to appreciate what they have, as they are the second in command and due to this fact they work there lives away,dreaming for that caribbean retreat.

where as a mere fisherman in the caribbean lives the fat cats dream while at the same time contibuting nothing to the worlds woes.

I think it is time to move onto the other issue and that is the environment. on friday last i was sent to cover a large friends of the earth action on climate change, apart from the weather i thought it to be a most enjoyable reporting exercise. I hope for this world that big business and governments act quickly on this issue, i believe that drastic action is required or else we could well be in for one hell of a remaining existance. I have noticed a shift in the publics attitude towards this issue, hopefully it was soon enough (it apppears that the hippies were right all along, not just a bunch of drongos after all)

Even if we manage to save the environment there is one other issue that concerns me and that is the sterility of a man, according to a friend mens sterility is 10% of what it was 100 years ago,this could well be natures natural solution, to the pests that are humans (medel too much with what has been created over millions of years and good things are bound not to occur)


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