is niet meer.

De ploeg van is verhuisd naar waar we samen met anderen aan een nieuwswebsite werken. De komende weken en maanden bouwen we om tot een archief van 10 jaar werk van honderden vrijwilligers.

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5th month in Belgium


My EVS project is almost reaching the end, but still there are many things to do and to experience. Here is the link for last month photo summary:

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My first month in Belgium

I have been in Belgium for more than a month. Time just runs fast!
Usually i prefer to use images to express my self, so that is how did my 1st month summary.
Just press the following link to see the video:


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First Impressions

My name is Joâo, I am from Oporto, Portugal and I will working @ Indymedia for 6 months.

The first day I wasn't to conviced about Brussels, the weather was to dark and rainy. But as soon I got home, I have started to feel like home. Now is time to fit in!
First two days of at Indymedia and already some nice work to and lots informations to receive and absorve. But with enough time everything will be easy.

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