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[Interview] Brussels protest against Scientology

[Interview] Brussels protest against Scientology

Today the internet group Anonymous staged an internation protest against Scientology. Some 20 protesters in Brussels handed out flyers and informed passers-by about the Church and its practices. The demonstration took place to days after the birthday of Scientology's founder L. Ron Hubbard.

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The anonymous protesters celebrated with cake, but also gave a clear message to the public. In a global speech that was read by protesters throughout the world, Anonymous warned:


"Since its inception, Scientology has traded in false hopes and promises, betrayed the trust of its members, taken their money, their rights, and at times their very lives. The Church has - and continues - to lie to them and the world.

The Church betrays its members when secrets harvested from spiritual counselling are used against them as blackmail and evidence in court. The Church betrays its members when they demand members disconnect from family and friends who question the church. The Church betrays its members when they discourage the taking of prescribed psychiatric medications, a practice which has led to a number of shocking murders and suicides.

In the month since our first worldwide protest, there is a new public consciousness about the crimes of the Church! We have seen an unprecedented flood of Scientologists join with us across the world to testify about these abuses.

To the Scientologists who fear us: You have nothing to fear from our peaceful protests. We are here because we CARE about you. We demonstrate only against the abuses of the Church management and we stand by your individual freedom of religion."

-Anonymous Global Speech

We spoke to one of the organisers in Brussels and asked him if he was happy about the protest.

  • Who is this handsome gentleman?

    Does anyone know who is this handsome gentleman with the cake?
    Please, contact Discretion


    People, I emplore you to not listen to this vile person above me. To whomever posted this comment above mine your tactics will not work. Anonymous must remain anonymous not only to be an effective protest group but to protect ourselves from the horrid tactics of scientology. The Organization of Scientology uses a tactic called fair game where they may assault, verbally emotionally and even physically, any who speak or act out against the Organization.

    Notice how I don't say church. This is not a church. If you are a church, act like a church, if you are a business, act like a business.