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EU delays stimulus for global climate deal

EU delays stimulus for global climate deal

Brussels, Belgium – After more than one year of discussions, European leaders have once again put on hold decisions that could stimulate a global climate deal to be reached in December in Copenhagen, says WWF following the European Council meeting in Brussels on 19-20 March 2009.


In December 2008, European leaders failed to set ambitious target for domestic greenhouse gas emissions reductions. Now they have failed to give a clear sign for unconditional support to developing countries in reducing their emissions and helping vulnerable communities adapting to climate change. Both are key deliverables in the lead up to a global climate agreement.

“We understand that in times of financial crisis it is difficult to be generous and devote resources to other parts of the world, but turning the responsibility around and asking developing countries to put forward proposals for cutting their emissions is a recipe for defeat at the December climate summit in Copenhagen. It disguises the fundamental unwillingness of EU treasuries and governments to live up to what they have already agreed to on climate change,” says Stephan Singer, Director of WWF’s Global Energy Programme. “At the UN climate summit in Poznan, last December, the EU promised to make substantial proposals at the Spring Council. Where have they gone now?”

WWF says it is essential that the EU restores confidence not only on the economy and the financial markets, but also on the fact of being a reliable international player.

“It is time to re-state the fundamentals of a successful global climate deal in Copenhagen. Strong EU leadership includes ambitious targets and funding. Unfortunately at the moment we are far from that,” added Singer.