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Bertie returns, in Irish general election

Bertie returns, in Irish general election

What was touted as an election of mass change turned out to be anything but.


Bertie Ahern

Prior to the elections in Ireland Bertie Ahern's (Taioseach / FF) finances were scrutinized by the Mahon tribunal into planning corruption. The Taioseach was scrutinized over a briefcase of money that he brought to Manchester in the early nineties. At the time Mr Ahern was the minister for finance, a minister for finance without a bank account no less.

Coming up to the election the opposing parties demanded answers from Bertie. Bertie claimed that he was given a cash loan by a good friend, during a difficult time when seperating from his wife. The opposition parties did not like his story and used this as a means to lure votes in there direction.

The coalition of change involved the Labour party and Fianna Gael, a party that the Greens has called 'Fianna Fail light' during the election campaign. The coaltion claimed that they would win the election and bring sweeping changes to the country.

The Irish voters are very fond of Bertie and what Bertie's party have achieved during in ten years in power. The Celtic Tiger has propelled Ireland into a position of wealth, a position that has seen the Irish economy become one of the strongest in Europe. When it came to voting day the voters sympathised with Bertie's story and re-elected him and his party Fianna Fail. The coalition of changes plan seriously backfired.

Although FF did not get a majority of 84 seats, they still secured 78 seats leaving the party in a very stong position. As of yesterday a new government has been formed. One major change from the previous coalition government is the inclusion of the Green party who benefited from the fall of the Progressive Democrats. It is the first time that the Greens have been involved in a government. Although the Greens only have 6 seats they have big plans for change, whether these changes will be implemented remains to be seen.

We now know that Bertie is the leader of the country once more for a record third term. Whether the term will last the full five years is already uncertain, as fresh allegation have arisen from the planning tribunal regarding Bertie's finances.

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Dear Chris,

Very nice blog, and most interesting analysis of Irish politics

Do you remember me? We met at Sfinks Boechout, Belgium on Thursday 26th July. I told me you were from Scariff, where a long lost friend of mine was from: Aíne McGullicuddy. She now is about 35 or bit older.
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