is niet meer.

De ploeg van is verhuisd naar waar we samen met anderen aan een nieuwswebsite werken. De komende weken en maanden bouwen we om tot een archief van 10 jaar werk van honderden vrijwilligers.

Google Agrees to Assist CIA, Blocking Belgian Journalism Websites to Help Murder US Dissident, non-Zionist Jew, in Brussels

Google Agrees to Assist CIA, Blocking Belgian Journalism Websites to Help Murder US Dissident, non-Zionist Jew, in Brussels

Google toestemmt in helpen de CIA, belemmerend de Belgische journalistieke websiten, om de moord van een VS-dissident in Brussel, een niet-Zionistische Jood, te mogelijk maken

Google consent à aider la CIA, bloquant les sites web belges de journaliste, afin de aider l'assassinat d'un dissident américain, un Juif non-sioniste, en Bruxelles


Political refugee from USA Dr Les Sachs at EU Parliament

Google agrees to help CIA & US judges, blocking Belgian journalism websites, to help CIA to murder political refugee, a US dissident non-Zionist Jew and now EU citizen in Brussels

Damage to EU-US relations, as US judges partner with CIA to take world political control of Google, blocking EU websites even from EU citizens, to help CIA commit criminal acts in Europe

Historic case of US federal judges joining CIA in 'terrorist and racist acts' in Belgium against non-Zionist Christian Jew, may result in stopping all future extraditions from the EU to the USA

EU authorities study criminal motives for 'largest global media smear campaign ever' against political refugee - CIA, US judges and Bush financier, not denying they spread hoax stories via global media (CNN, AP, Wikipedia, NY Times), to help slander and murder US political dissident in Belgium

US judges copy Stalin methods to hold fake 'trial' against EU citizen - US judges and friends of Bush slander political refugee from US as 'cyberstalker', because he does not stay quiet about documented US threats to murder him - US government sources confirm motives of murder in order to silence journalist

Refugee author in Belgium risked his life inside US to fight for human rights under US Constitution - No US lawyer is brave enough to confront Bush friends and US judges who try to silence and murder political journalist

President Bush friend, financier, and right-wing author Patricia Cornwell finances efforts to destroy dissident refugee - US judges return favour, ordering Google to block Patricia Cornwell biography, hide facts about Cornwell's life; Google agrees to co-operate in US criminal acts in Belgium

Imagine the situation:

You are one of the most highly educated people in the USA, a Harvard classmate of the people who run the United States - but your heart is with the common people, not with the corrupt US leadership. You are a successful writer against corruption, and you speak out against the fascist activity of a friend of the Bush family, who insults the memory of your relatives who died in the Nazi Holocaust.

Suddenly, like lightning, the US high judges instantly ban your freedom of speech, and threaten to torture you to death in a US jail cell. They tell you that they won't kill you, just so you can spend the rest of your life paying money to friends of US federal judges. No US lawyer will help you, the lawyers are too afraid of US judges who are ready to help kill people and who are connected to the George Bush family.

You risk your life to fight for human rights inside the USA - risking torture and death while you try to find even one lawyer brave enough to help you. But the US lawyers, too afraid for themselves, abandon you to be murdered, and only a few common citizens help you to hide and escape over the US border, just as they come to seize you to be killed.

You manage to escape alive to Europe, along with thousands of pages of proof documents, documents which prove the crimes by US judges and by the friends of George Bush. You become an EU citizen and you live in Brussels, the capital of Europe, and your material becomes well-known on the internet. Big corporate media mostly ignore you, but you become a popular dissident and hero among the common people of the America - common people who are struggling to fight the same kind of evil judges who threatened to kill you.

Thousands of people write to you, telling you how much your writing has touched their lives. You writing is so important, that you have the potential to save tens of thousands of innocent people from jail and death in the US prisons. You publish articles about things like the CIA role on Wikipedia, and you become an internet leader of resistance to international US crimes.

But the US judges are angry that you escaped alive to Europe. The CIA is angry because of your influence on the internet, opposing the crimes of the US government. You have become too popular in your dissident political journalism, you are becoming a world expert on US corruption - so the CIA and US government decide to finish the job of murdering you in Europe. They begin to take steps to murder you in Belgium.

They hold a new fake 'trial' in the USA, declaring suddenly that you are a 'cyberstalker' because you don't stay quiet about how Bush's friends threatened to kill you. The US judges order Google and Yahoo to block your European websites, to suppress the whole story of how you became a political refugee.

You are a non-Zionist Jew, a friend of Muslims, a man of peace, and the US government enlists Google to help kill you. So you are sent "to the internet gas chambers" by the CIA control of Google. Google's monopoly in Europe makes it easy for the CIA.

Your voice and writings are exterminated, erased. Soon you will be dead yourself, and Google, under orders of the CIA and US judges, will erase the memory of who you are, what you wrote, and how you died. Your history will be exterminated, and almost nothing will remain but lies. Google agrees to block your websites so you can be murdered, while Google places articles telling lies about you, at the top of Google searches about your name.

In order to help murder you, the CIA and the friends of Bush plant false media stories about you all over the world - CNN and Wikipedia and the New York Times and many other media, fill the internet with endless lies about you. Dishonest journalists accept money from the rich friends of George Bush, to write false stories and help kill you.

US judges, working closely with the CIA and the friends of George Bush, issue a long string of 'court orders' on Google and Yahoo to make sure that any replies from you are suppressed and deleted from the internet. Your voice is completely choked by the power of the US judges and CIA to take control of Google. The friends of President Bush promise to have you "slandered all over the internet", and indeed, most everything on Google now, is just lies and slander and almost nothing else. Many people are fooled by the lies, after they 'research' you on Google and Wikipedia, reading what the CIA wants them to read.

The first step in murdering you is exterminating your voice, getting your political journalism blocked from the internet, so that no one can find your writings, or the truth about what happened to you.

The second step is slandering you with false media articles, so that almost nothing of the truth about you is visible on Google, just attacks and lies that make people want to avoid you. People in Europe are afraid to help you or be with you, because the CIA might murder them, too, or they might wind up "slandered all over Google", just like you are slandered on Google.

The third step is the CIA finishing the job of murdering you in Belgium, so that your voice can be exterminated for good, so that you will be dead and can never speak again. They know the only way to silence a journalist like you is to kill you, and it is likely that soon you will be dead. Even the police say they cannot stop the Americans from killing you, maybe poison, maybe an 'accident'.

This is the situation of the political dissident and political refugee Dr Les Sachs (Dr Leslie Sachs), who - as he himself says, by the grace of God - is still alive in Brussels Belgium, an EU citizen under the nervous and uncertain protection of EU governments, while CIA affiliates in Belgium openly work to have Sachs murdered.

A legal case that could shake the international legal system

The upcoming legal cases involving Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs - assuming the CIA doesn't finish murdering him in the weeks ahead - have the potential to rock and transform the European legal landscape.

According to some EU legal scholars, given that US federal judges are themselves involved in committing criminal, racist and terrorist acts against Sachs in Belgium, and holding utterly fraudulent political US 'trials' to support murdering him, the case of Dr Les Sachs may mark the end of all extraditions from the European Union to the United States.

Because the evidence in the Sachs case, shows the US federal judges as acting in the manner of a criminal terrorist mafia, committing international terrorist acts on Belgian territory - the conviction of the US regime in the Belgian and EU courts for their role in crimes committed in Belgium, may make it technically impossible under EU human rights laws, for the EU to ever again turn over anyone to the US for trial. Maybe not even Sheikh Osama bin Laden himself.

Obviously, if a distinguished political refugee like Dr Les Sachs cannot get a fair trail in the US - and if the US judges are such gangsters that they will come join in committing terrorist acts against him in Belgium, after Sachs was able to escape alive to Europe - then obviously no one else can get a fair trial in the US either.

Certainly no Muslim, and no political opponent of the US regime, can expect any kind of fair court hearing in the USA, if the US high judges threaten this peaceful non-Zionist Jewish man Sachs with torture and death.

The US judges even terrorise Sachs with harassing e-mails in Belgium, mailed from US courthouses, about how they are blocking his websites from Google to enable his murder.

Thus, the case of the non-Zionist Christian Jew Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs, may save the lives of many people, who thanks to his ordeal, may never have to face the hell of US courts and prisons, and the death that often occurs in those jails.

This is an absolutely historic case, with as many as four separate legal proceedings that will take place in various courts and institutions of the European Union, pertaining to the US government attacks on Sachs, and the illegal blocking of Sachs' European websites from Google, in order to help murder him.

It is almost hard to know where to begin. Perhaps, with what directly effects nearly everyone, the fact that US judges have begun controlling Google, ordering the blocking of Belgian websites to help the CIA commit assassination and murder in Belgium.

Quick access to the Belgian websites banned from Google by US-CIA orders

There are several websites with the material banned from Google, but you can reach all of them via the main website of Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs in Belgium:

www (point) dr-les-sachs (point) be (Suggest to NOT put this on the web as a direct link! - Any web page linking to this site directly, may be blocked from Google by US orders!)

Note that the domain suffix is 'be' (for Belgium) instead of 'com', and those are hyphens within the web address, rather than underscores.

To view some of the proof files regarding the US criminal acts against Dr Les Sachs, that forced him to become a refugee, see 'Patricia Cornwell Court Trial Documents':

More details about the banning of these websites below.

US judges seize direct political control of Google

So it is now clear: US federal judges have begun taking direct political control of Google and the internet search engines, serving orders on Google and Yahoo and others, to block non-US journalism sites which discuss US corruption. These orders are apparently illegal under international law, and even under US law, but no US lawyer is brave enough to fight the US judges, on matters pertaining to crimes by the judges themselves.

This blocking of EU websites from Google, will be litigated in upcoming months in the courts of the EU, in this case involving the political refugee from the United States, Dr Les (Leslie) Sachs, who is living in a safe house at a location in Belgium.

Just above, as well as below, is how to access a number of these banned articles and a free online book, still available on international web servers, but which Google and major search engines have agreed to not display in search results in their original location, under intimidation by US judges.

The fact that Google and major internet search engines have offices in US territory, has given US judges and friends of US President Bush, the opportunity to begin direct political control of the global internet, and to use the internet so the CIA can kill people in Belgium and in Europe.

US judges linked to Bush, have thus begun banning European journalism sites, with individual US federal judges now seizing power to directly control Google and what people around the world are reading.

Some of this journalism blocked from Google, discusses corruption among US federal judges themselves, and how US high judges and various lawyers have supported the Bush family and the ruling US elite.

The topic apparently makes US lawyers and organisations so afraid, that US lawyers and law professors fear even to comment about the actual facts of the case. - US bloggers and journalists are likewise intimidated, and have been at times being directly threatened by lawyers for the friends of President Bush.

This is a taboo subject in the USA, the corruption of lawyers and judges, and no US lawyer is willing to protect the bloggers who speak the 'too much truth' about this subject. The power of the taboo is so strong, that the US government and CIA are willing to take steps to murder independent journalists, like Dr Les Sachs, who escape from the USA and who write about this subject.

Likewise, US 'internet freedom' and 'civil rights' groups have also been frightened into silence, barely speaking about what is happening here, as the topic of corruption of US judges is 'taboo' and extremely fearful for them as well. Their lawyers also tell bloggers and organisations to keep quiet and keep their mouths shut, and just say nothing while victims like Dr Les Sachs are banned and slandered and murdered.

Moreover, US and UK corporate media, have aided this banning with deceptive US media stories, though some stories are now being withdrawn as European legal cases loom against these companies. The US media stories attacking Dr Sachs gave misleading accounts of what is banned and why, obscuring both the facts and the legal issues involved, and they have told numerous lies about him. It seems a number of corporate 'journalists' accepted money from the friends of George Bush, to publish slanders to help the CIA murder this victim.

This internet 'erasure' of dissident journalism by US court orders is effective - most people never learn what was blocked or why. The banning of content from Google includes its own cover-up, because you can no longer 'google' the facts. And huge masses people believe whatever lies they see at the top of a Google search - or on Wikipedia. Files for European police show Dr Sachs receiving hate mail from around the world, just because people believe the lies and slanders they saw on the CIA-influenced Wikipedia.

Google co-operates with the CIA and the US judges, because Google wants favours from the US judges too. Google understands how much the US judges hate a dissident who writes about the judges' corruption. Google thinks it is 'good business strategy' to help the US judges to murder a victim whom they hate, and has been working closely with the judges to block the victim's websites so he can be murdered.

This is a way for Google to gain favours with US high judges, regarding any lawsuits filed against Google. Google can say to the US judges, "Look, we have helped you to murder that critic of US court corruption in Belgium, so now you judges should do some favours for Google in return."

Thus, the world is deceived to think 'everything is searchable on Google', when Google has now become a political tool of the US and CIA, ordered by US judges to 'erase' significant journalistic accounts from non-US sources.

Moreover, this banning of sites from Google, enables the US to complete threats of political assassination, or other criminal acts within other countries, because the reports and evidence of the murder threats, have been 'erased' from Google under US court orders. Google is now a tool to help the US government to murder European citizens.

This is a threat to the safety and security of Europe that EU governments are beginning to notice, with the US using the control of Google to help commit criminal and terrorist acts on European territory.

With Google and Yahoo under the control of US judges, and US judges servicing friends of US politicians, and US lawyers too cowardly about 'friends of the US federal judges' to even make any court filings to oppose their wishes, this is now a recipe in which the US is able to commit international murder, and then block Google from revealing that the murder ever happened.

A whole string of criminal acts have already been committed in Belgium, with Google helping these American crimes by means of blocking the facts about these crimes from Google search results.

Clearly, the control of Google is a major objective of the US government and CIA, when they try to murder people in foreign countries. We see here the devious route that the US government and CIA can use to ban foreign journalism websites from being searchable on Google, while Google is happy to promote other websites that support genocidal war upon innocent people.

The formula for enrolling Google to join the CIA in banning and murdering an independent journalist

Here is how it works, how the USA lines up Google to help murder journalists in foreign countries. Google knows it is all a game and a fraud to help the CIA and US government, but the Google company is glad to play along.

Firstly, the US government and judges and CIA, or friends of US President Bush, can threaten to murder the journalist.

Secondly, if the journalist does not stay quiet, the US judges stage a fraudulent court proceeding with the CIA, to declare the foreign journalist is a 'cyberstalker' because he does not stay quiet about the US people threatening to kill him.

The judges declaring the journalist victim is a 'cyberstalker', can be the same US judges who threatened to murder the victim in the first place, and they can declare the victim is a 'cyberstalker' of the famous friends of President George Bush who paid for the original threats to murder the journalist.

After all, anyone famous is a 'celebrity', and so it is easy for dishonest US judges to declare that anyone with serious complaints about a 'celebrity' must be a 'celebrity cyberstalker'. - A simple and easy formula for slandering a victim.

Thirdly, have CIA-linked media companies, help to spread the ugly and quite false slander that the journalist is a 'stalker' and 'cyberstalker', as the corrupt judges have declared. This is effective when the CIA is able to plant false articles on major CIA-linked global media: CNN, the AP, Wikipedia, Answers-com, and other dominant international news sites, where false articles can be planted via CIA influence, or direct financial payments from the friends of George Bush or other US political figures.

Fourthly, Google can then be ordered and induced to block the journalism websites for so-called 'cyberstalking'. Google will then pretend they are just 'following orders' of the court, like some of the Nazis at Nuremberg said they were just 'following orders'.

Google actively helps the CIA by erasing the victim's websites, and instead putting websites that slander the victim at the top of Google search results. Then, the journalist can be murdered and buried, and only the lies will remain visible on Google search results, with Google being a full accomplice of the CIA in the victim's murder.

Google seems very glad to play along to help murder political dissidents in Europe, so long as US judges are a part of the programme. Google can say, "Well, we are following court orders," even though Google knows the orders are illegal and fraudulent, and issued by the same judges who already threatened to murder the victim previously, and that the 'cyberstalking' charges are a completely criminal hoax and deception.

Some of the other, less popular, internet search engines have begun to give way and to allow the websites of Dr Les Sachs in the search results. But the nearly-all-powerful, monopoly-dominant Google, is remaining extremely loyal to the CIA and to the friends of George Bush.

Google is working every day to block the Sachs websites to help the CIA to murder Sachs as quickly as possible. The quicker that Sachs is murdered, the quicker Google itself can cover up for its own role to help terrorise and murder a political refugee and US dissident.

When Google blocks the websites of Dr Les Sachs in English web searches, Google sometimes adds a note at the bottom of the search page, advising that some search results have been blocked because of a 'legal request'. - This notice is not prominent, and many people will not notice it or read it. - In searches of Google in other languages, Google often just blocks the victim's journalism from the search results, with no notice given at all.

A US dissident and political refugee in Europe - and the hidden story of 'famous author' and right-wing extremist Patricia Cornwell

Google and Yahoo have accepted orders from US judges to block numerous pieces of significant journalism, as part of a long campaign by associates of Bush, involving the famous author and political financier Patricia Cornwell and her publishing companies.

Lawyers estimate approximately US $2 million has been spent, to attack and to try and silence the journalist, author, political refugee and US dissident Dr Les Sachs (Dr Leslie Sachs), who is a Harvard classmate of President Bush and other US leaders, and also a former neighbour of Bush's friend Patricia Cornwell.

At one time, Dr Les Sachs and Patricia Cornwell were neighbours of each other in Richmond, Virginia, and Sachs was a more successful author than Cornwell at one point around 1990. But Cornwell had an advantage that Sachs did not - Cornwell was a personal friend of President of the United States George Bush Sr (President 1989-1993), as well as his son who has been President of the USA during 2001-2009.

This friend of the Bush family, Patricia Cornwell, was built into a 'famous author' by the US media companies, with the implicit understanding that Cornwell would use her book profits to give money back to the Bush family and to US politicians. Cornwell thus personally represents the very close and corrupt financial link between the media companies and the American political establishment.

Indeed, Patricia Cornwell has given millions of dollars to the Bushes and other US politicians and their organisations. She is mostly closely associated with the George Bush family, but she is said to be giving huge money to people associated with President Barack Obama, to try to make sure that President Obama follows Bush in helping Cornwell to cover up for past crimes.

Cornwell's book sales depend in part on hiding her relationship with the Bush family, and on hiding the many crimes and scandals in which she has been involved. After 1998, the US corporate media agreed to help the US government to hide the facts about Cornwell's life, and to help attack and destroy any independent journalist who tries to tell the truth about Cornwell. Previous journalism about Cornwell was suppressed and discontinued, and now Google has agreed to block the summary of such suppressed articles from being displayed on the internet.

Maybe even more important than Cornwell's friendship with the George Bush family, however, is that she is also what US lawyers call a "friend of the federal judges" in the USA. This means that US high judges will do almost unlimited favours for Cornwell, as a reward for her payments and political contributions. And it also means that no US lawyer is brave enough to oppose Patricia Cornwell regarding her political activity. The US judges implicitly threaten that any lawyer who fights Cornwell may be instantly removed from being able to practice law. It is a regular fact in the USA, that lawyers are personally destroyed and lose their right to be lawyers, if they do not keep quiet about criminal acts by judges. They see it happen to other lawyers who 'break the taboo' - those lawyers get disbarred, slandered, and jailed, their careers and reputations destroyed - so most all US lawyers are afraid of revenge by the US judges.

Patricia Cornwell publicly boasts that she is able to murder people if she wishes:

See scans of Cornwell's boasts at Patricia Cornwell Court Trial Documents:

And it seems this boast of Patricia Cornwell is accurate. US judges will provide instant banning of the freedom of speech of victims of Cornwell, and will help to silence, jail and destroy any witnesses to crimes by Cornwell.

And while US lawyers line up eagerly to accept Cornwell's money, given that Patricia Cornwell is a "friend of federal judges", no US lawyer will help a political victim of Cornwell, or a blogger or journalist who is threatened by Cornwell. It seems that US lawyers will only cower and slink away like little worms when Cornwell is threatening someone.

Patricia Cornwell is a woman of fascist and racist views, and not only has been glad to boast of her ability to murder people, but also boasts of how she has US lawyers and judges controlling Google and the whole world internet to help hide the facts about her life.

Patricia Cornwell is a supporter of government banning of freedom of speech and writing, the closing down of political blogs, and the silencing of political journalism. Cornwell believes that US judges should control Google and the internet to benefit rich political figures like herself.

Patricia Cornwell likes to 'play fascist', she is a supporter of book-burning, Nazi-style, and has filed lawsuit papers demanding the destruction of the books of a Jew.

See scans relating to Patricia Cornwell's threats and demands of book-burning, at Patricia Cornwell Court Trial Documents:

Some of the witness statements in law enforcement files are from people in Patricia Cornwell's personal life, and these statements confirm Cornwell's malicious, racist and anti-Semitic nature, and Cornwell's obsessions with whom she calls the 'dirty, filthy Jews'. Cornwell's obsession with Jews is also one of continual involvement with Jews as well. Cornwell has relationships with Jewish lesbian girlfriends, as well as having Jewish lawyers and agents working for her..

Cornwell has claimed that her sexual relations with lesbian Jewish women is 'proof' she isn't involved in threatening to kill a Jewish victim like Dr Les Sachs. - But history also shows Nazis who engaged in mass murder of Jews, also sometimes had sexual relations with Jewish victims, and used Jewish employees, and it seems that Cornwell's desire for sexual dominance over Jewish lesbian females, actually dovetails with Cornwell's long history of attacks on the Jewish journalist Sachs.

In any case, Patricia Cornwell has made it clear she will spend virtually unlimited money to attack and destroy the Jewish journalist Sachs, with Cornwell having already spent an estimated US $2 million to have Sachs banned and destroyed. It seems that dishonest lawyers or journalists who will help Cornwell to attack Sachs, can get a share of that money. Some people in Belgium have also accepted money from Cornwell, to help attack and harass Cornwell's victim.

With the non-Zionist Jew Dr Les Sachs, Patricia Cornwell has found the successful formula by which a US political figure can attack a Jew, slander him, and threaten that Jew with murder. Patricia Cornwell herself gives money to pro-Zionist US politicians, and meanwhile the Jewish journalist Sachs, is a non-Zionist, with no major US political connections.

The 'Jewish leadership' values Cornwell's donations to pro-Zionist politicians, more highly than it does the life of a Jew like Dr Les Sachs. And given that Sachs is a non-Zionist Jew and a friend of Muslims, the major Jewish organisations, have made it clear that they will say absolutely nothing while Sachs is slandered, attacked, or murdered. The major Jewish organisations will completely abandon Sachs to be killed.

As Cornwell and her lawyers now prepare for court proceedings in the EU, Cornwell and her lawyers are not denying they threatened to torture Dr Les Sachs to death inside the USA, as part of a racist and neo-Nazi-style scheme funded by Cornwell, a scheme whose criminality is confirmed by sources within the US Department of Justice itself.

The scheme seems partly to have been to silence journalism by Dr Les Sachs, partly a scheme to earn money for Patricia Cornwell's lawyers, and partly just for the sheer racist pleasure of attacking a Jew and threatening to torture him to death.

The fact that Sachs is a non-Zionist Jew, just made him a vulnerable target for racist murder, with major Jewish leaders completely unwilling to say a word to stop his murder.

Patricia Cornwell originally pushed by her lawyers into attacking Dr Les Sachs

Patricia Cornwell began the attacks on Sachs, with faxing the Jewish Sachs a degrading letter of extortion on 1 February 2000, with a ten-day deadline demanding that Sachs agree to submit to book-burning and destroying his own books insofar as he dares to write about Cornwell, and demanding that Sachs agree to be silent about Cornwell.

For the original letter from Patricia Cornwell threatening book-burning of a Jew's books, see Patricia Cornwell Court Trial Documents:

This letter of extortion demanding the book-burning of a Jew's books, was drafted by Cornwell's New York lawyer Michael Rudell - part of a 'Jewish' law firm himself - in what seems a clear attempt to "light up a Jew", to create controversy that would enable Cornwell's lawyers to earn several hundred thousand dollars in legal fees.

The lawyers seem to have been eager to have their hand in Cornwell's deep purse, playing both on Cornwell's racist obsessions with Jews, and knowing well how the drug-abusing Cornwell can be manipulated by anything that her lawyers tell her.

Working behind Cornwell's back, Cornwell's lawyers then planted a false media article in a newspaper, telling Cornwell that the article was planted by Sachs and not by themselves, that "this Jew is really going after you.". The article was immediately denounced by Sachs as a fraud, but Cornwell's lawyers hid this fact from Cornwell herself.

Without knowing that her own lawyers were setting her up and deceiving her, Patricia Cornwell then immediately agreed to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal fees to purchase the banning of Dr Les Sachs' freedom of speech, and whatever extortion activities were needed to silence and suppress him.

When Michael Rudell and Patricia Cornwell began their threats and attacks upon Dr Les Sachs, it seems they did quick investigation of Sachs via Cornwell's law enforcement contacts. The leftist Sachs had a long record as an activist dissident, a non-Zionist, a friend of Muslims and of innocent Mexicans and black Americans in US prisons, an opponent of the death penalty, a critic of US judges - it was Sachs' past history as a dissident, that led to the US establishment giving Cornwell a 'green light' to go ahead and attack Sachs.

With Sachs identified as a non-Zionist, dissident Jew, with no corporate political connections, the Cornwell operation calculated correctly, that Sachs was a Jew who could be targeted with extortion and murder, and 'Jewish leaders' would abandon Sachs for extermination.

For Patricia Cornwell, it was initially just the momentary pleasure of threatening a Jewish victim. For Cornwell's lawyers, however, the motives seem to be that of a long-term haul of money out of Cornwell's bank accounts into their own pockets.

According to US government sources within the US Department of Justice, as well as the proof documents, Patricia Cornwell then paid for extortionists to threaten to have Sachs murdered, winning a fraudulent 'victory' with the Cornwell group claiming that Sachs 'agreed' to the banning of his own freedom of speech, plus 'agreed' to spend the rest of his life paying money, to the men hired by Cornwell to threatened to kill Sachs. The proof of extortion and threats of murder against Sachs is quite extensive, as confirmed by sources within the US government itself.

It was only several years later that Patricia Cornwell realised she had been set-up and deceived by her own lawyers, that she had been pushed by her own lawyers into this scheme to have Sachs banned and murdered. But by the time she figured it out, Cornwell had already become involved in numerous criminal acts against Sachs, including clearly-proven perjury in a US federal courtroom.

For US government documents proving perjury by Cornwell, see Patricia Cornwell Court Trial Documents:

Patricia Cornwell could immediately go to prison herself, if she dares to complain about how her own lawyers pushed her into threatening a Jew's murder. - Even though Cornwell's lawyers started the scheme, it was Cornwell's own decision to join in perjury and other offences, and Cornwell seemed to realise that she had 'won' the banning of speech of her victim by threatening her victim, even though she didn't realise the whole scheme had been started by her lawyers so they could make money from Cornwell and her US $200 million fortune.

So Patricia Cornwell now seems to feel that she has no choice, but to continue the scheme to have Dr Les Sachs silenced and murdered, and to have his writings banned from the internet with the spreading of the hoax 'stalker' and 'cyberstalker' stories. Although Cornwell seems to now realise the full nature of the multiple crimes that have been committed against Sachs with her money, and that it was Cornwell's own lawyers who selected Sachs as a Jewish target suitable for Cornwell's own racist and anti-Semitic hatred, Cornwell feels she has gone too far into the scheme, and cannot turn back now.

US federal judges supply instant banning of freedom of speech and freedom of the press, to enable Patricia Cornwell to threaten murder of her victims

Going back to the initial extortion letter faxed by Cornwell's lawyers to Sachs, demanding the burning of his books -

Following upon Cornwell agreeing to give her lawyers hundreds of thousands of dollars to have Sachs silenced, and murdered if necessary, Cornwell's lawyers connected with a notorious US judge, Robert Payne, who is described in US court filings as an anti-Semite himself, an admirer of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

This Judge Payne has a long reputation for corruption. On 19 July 1999, Joseph Farah, the journalist CEO of WorldNet Daily, denounced US Federal Judge Robert E. Payne as a monster. Farah said of Judge Payne that: "... this is an evil man, with either no respect for the law or no knowledge of it. ... he is one of those judges who believes his powers are virtually limitless. He no doubt sees himself in a godlike role -- way above the fray of responsibility and accountability to ordinary people or the U. S. Constitution ..."

The US government and court files record a saying about Payne from Virginia lawyers: "Judge Robert Payne is my name, Federal bribery is my game."

By prior arrangement with Patricia Cornwell's lawyers, and completely illegally, this US Federal Judge Robert Payne instantly banned Dr Les Sachs' freedom to speak and write, and ordered Sachs to be silent while Cornwell's media allies spread stories attacking Sachs.

Some legal writers say this remains the only case in US history where a writer is accused of 'defamation' and suffered instant banning of freedom of the press and freedom of speech, without trial and without hearing.

Later, as Judge Payne expanded his ban on Dr Les Sachs' freedom of speech, this Nazi-sympathising US Judge Payne declared that there is nothing wrong with book-burning and threatening to destroy the books of a Jew, and therefore that the Jew Sachs is only complaining about book-burning because he is engaged in 'marketing' of his own writing, and thus the Jew Sachs must have his freedom of speech banned for the rest of his life, and must be ordered to be silent about book-burning and about Cornwell.

This was then followed, according to US Justice Department sources, by the friends of Judge Robert Payne threatening to torture Sachs to death in a US jail cell, and a fraudulent 'settlement' where Judge Payne allowed Dr Sachs to stay alive and out of jail, on condition he spend the rest of his life paying several hundred thousand dollars to these friends of this judge, friends of the judge who operated what US government sources acknowledge is a fraudulent 'civil rights freedom foundation', with Judge Payne himself as a salesman for this Foundation. This 'Freedom' foundation of Judge Payne and his friends, is confirmed by US government sources as non-existent and a criminal fraud, though they used a name similar to a foundation involving US billionaire Steve Forbes.

No US lawyer would ever help Sachs to fight this criminal scheme, given the evidence that US federal Judge Robert Payne was directly involved in threatening to have Sachs murdered, and in massive fraud in a federal court case.

Bravely and perhaps foolishly, Dr Les Sachs manoeuvred for time against the criminals threatening to kill him, paying them some extortion money while Sachs tried to find any lawyer who was brave enough to fight the Bush judges. Instead of immediately heading toward asylum, Sachs delayed until the last possible moment, risking his life to fight for the human rights named in the US Constitution. Sachs searched in vain, looking for just one brave lawyer in America, to make the court filings that would expose the crimes against him, and win a victory for the freedoms of the dying (maybe dead) Bill of Rights of the US Constitution.

But no lawyer in America was ever brave enough to defend Sachs, against Bush-linked US judges whom Dept of Justice sources acknowledge are involved in threats to kill a journalist. On one final brave day, Sachs gambled his life, and showed up alone in a local US courtroom, making a last stand inside the USA, confronting one of his tormentors, and denouncing the crimes of the people threatening to extort and murder him. It seems that Sachs narrowly escaped alive, when the friends of Judge Payne came shortly afterwards, to seize Sachs to jail him and to murder him in a jail cell, but Sachs was able to slip away just in time, away northwards to a secret hiding place and then over the border.

Dr Les Sachs was received into political asylum in Europe in 2004, after the first phase of the US attacks on him. Sachs published a great deal of journalism from Europe in 2004-2007, at which time the US judges seized control of Google to try to exterminate Sachs' writings and his reputation.

The banned writings of Dr Les Sachs are significant. They are valued by many people in the US 'underground', as well as readers around the world. Though blocked from being shown on Google, links to these articles are being passed around by samizdat techniques, in e-mail newsletters among US opposition groups. These writings have also found favour, by readers as far away from the US as China and Australia, and many other nations as well.

Dr Les Sachs is a hero to thousands of victims of the US apparatus, and his life (or tragically, perhaps his upcoming murder), may yet be of much more service in liberating many innocent people from the hell of US prisons.

As said above, there are several websites with the banned material, but you can reach all of them via the main website of Dr Les Sachs in Belgium:

www (point) dr-les-sachs (point) be (Suggest to NOT put this on the web as a direct link! - Any web page linking to this site directly, may be blocked from Google by US orders!)

Note that the domain suffix is 'be' (for Belgium) instead of 'com', and those are hyphens within the web address, rather than underscores.

Journalism for working people, and victims of the US regime

Dr Les Sachs is a man with Jewish heritage, a non-Zionist, though actually a 'unitarian' Christian by faith, seeing Jesus much as Jews or Muslims do, viewing Jesus as a rabbi prophet, a man rather than actually 'God'. - Sachs is deeply religious, and indeed a good friend of Muslims. I first learned of Sachs regarding his work to free the French Muslim Leonel Cazaco, who is held in US prisons despite major proof of his innocence.

Dr Les Sachs has working-class roots, and is a 'spiritual socialist', by which he means, not the government owning everything, but rather Sachs supporting the idea that workers and the poor should have strong social protections and minimum standards of life, on the Continental Western European model, and Sachs believes that such socialist ideals are rooted in religious faith.

Dr Les Sachs' doctoral dissertation, noted by scholars at Oxford and Cambridge, was about an early attempt at establishing a Christian 'spiritual socialism' in 1550s England, whereby the church organisation would help take care of the poor throughout an entire nation.

It seems that Dr Sachs, despite an elite education at Harvard University, always kept his labouring class loyalties, motivating his career as an anti-corruption journalist. If you look inside Sachs' major best-selling book from the 1980s and 1990s - a book on auto-sales corruption - you find that the book is dedicated to working-class people.

The journalism of Dr Sachs which the US judges have banned from the internet, is also written for the benefit of working people, and for the most vulnerable victims of the US system, for those who are mauled by unjust US judges or corrupt lawyers. The files for European magistrates, include thousands of e-mails from victims of the USA, attesting to how Dr Sachs' journalism has touched people's lives, giving solace to those who were unjustly imprisoned, or to families whose loved ones were wrongfully jailed, or murdered in US prison cells.

Dr Sachs is a hero to common people and to the most helpless victims of the US system. Meanwhile, most US lawyers and academics fear to defend or even write about this brave journalist, who seems to have been lucky to have escaped alive out of the USA.

Some portion of Dr Sachs' writing is overly emotional, as he describes the trauma of being threatened with murder, how he became a refugee, and the people involved in attacking him. The parts where Sachs is angry or wounded, and his trauma shows, are typically selected when hostile internet trolls are trying to attack him or trivialise him.

But at other moments, Dr Sachs is an extremely powerful writer and thinker, with analyses of the sociology of American corruption, that other journalists have labelled as 'brilliant'. Sachs has a special gift for describing how the machinery of domestic US corruption and oppression really operate, in words an average reader can understand.

The quality of some of Dr Sachs' journalism, combined with his impressive credentials (seven earned degrees from Harvard and two other universities), the very fact he is a Harvard classmate of major US leaders during the Bush era - President Bush himself, Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff, Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke, Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts, Microsoft founder Bill Gates - with Dr Sachs having more degrees than any of them - these credentials of Sachs, his very stature, seem to be part of why Sachs is viewed as such a threat to the US rulers, why the US judges and government are willing to go to such extremes to see that Sachs is banned, silenced and destroyed.

Before the writings of Dr Les Sachs were banned, he was becoming an influential force in the US populist opposition to corruption and oppression, and the writings of Sachs were much quoted, cited, and linked.

For example, it is clear from the thousands of communications Sachs has received, that he was a major figure among citizens in an important grass-roots movement in America, the 'Jail 4 Judges' effort, which has tried to restore a mechanism to make US judges and lawyers accountable to the people whose lives they are currently mauling.

'Jail 4 Judges', whose grass-roots newsletters cited and quoted Dr Les Sachs' journalism a number of times, is extremely hated by the corrupt US establishment. It seems that when the US regime and CIA acted in 2007, for the goal of having Sachs' websites blocked and to enable Sachs to be murdered, part of the reason the US regime wishes to have Sachs exterminated, is precisely because of how he was drawing attention to efforts like Jail 4 Judges.

Dr Sachs' clear descriptions of legal system corruption, were bridging the gap between the divided wings of US opposition movements, the libertarian opposition on the right and the social democrat opposition on the left and among minorities.

If Sachs' writings were not banned from Google, and if his reputation was not so viciously assaulted by the US corporate media, Sachs could have been a key figure in helping galvanise grass-roots coalitions such as Jail 4 Judges, to help restore a more populist US democracy. - In Europe, there is much hope for the new US President Obama.

But perhaps one of the ways that Mr Obama will show the colours of his character, is whether Mr Obama will criminally prosecute the people who threatened to have Dr Les Sachs murdered, or whether President Obama will continue the CIA and Bush policy of having Dr Les Sachs murdered in Belgium.

Before Google agreed to try to help destroy Sachs' reputation and to help enable his murder, Dr Sachs had started to become a magnet for US grass-roots forces of opposition, forces that exist among the American people, but outside the framework of the two major US 'political parties', and the well-funded groups and corporate media which are intertwined with the power of America's corporations.

Dr Sachs' readership is among real American people in anguish, and not US corporate interests, and this makes US lawyers afraid to help him, just as the US corporate media are eager to attack Sachs and to help destroy him.

Moreover, the journalism of Dr Sachs - and his own personal ordeal, under US federal judges holding Stalin-like fraudulent 'trials' for President Bush's financial friend Patricia Cornwell - those fake 'trials' are a clear global indictment of the US legal system; a clear argument why no one can expect a fair trial inside the US, and why no one should be extradited there.

The story of Dr Les Sachs is perhaps the key to winning the release of many tens of thousands of US prisoners who have been wrongfully convicted and sentenced. The facts about the non-Zionist Jew Sachs, and his mafia-like persecution, may even turn out to be a means of liberation for persecuted Muslims unjustly held by the US empire. Sachs has already himself been working for a long time to help such Muslims, like the French Muslim Léonel Cazaco.

In studying this case, one comes to realise that Dr Sachs has been doing something much more difficult and challenging than other critics of the US, because Sachs is writing about the internal corruption of the United States, the corruption of the US judges and lawyers, the corruption of the media control system and the media partners of US politicians.

Dr Sachs has broken the ultimate US taboos, as he is talking about what really can destroy the lives of the average person in America, and this is much more forbidden than just criticising Bush or critiquing US foreign policy, which are relatively easy tasks by comparison.

For example, one US leftist lawyer who has written an anti-Bush book, Jennifer Van Bergen, and who publishes various articles on US courts and 'unwise' decisions, originally started to write an article about Dr Les Sachs for the online leftist magazine CounterPunch.

But then, after some weeks of learning the story, Van Bergen sent an e-mail to Sachs, saying she feared being personally murdered if she dared to write an article about the Dr Sachs case. That's noteworthy - This leftist lawyer, Jennifer Van Bergen, didn't fear to write an anti-Bush book, but she fears murder if she writes about Dr Sachs and about court fraud involving US judges, and about the 'friend of the federal judges' Patricia Cornwell.

So Jennifer Van Bergen joined a long line of US lawyers, completely abandoning Sachs to be murdered by the CIA and the US regime.

In the US, it is still 'permitted' to rant about foreign policy or a presidential candidates, but what is much more 'taboo' are the topics about which Dr Sachs was writing in his exile forum from Europe - the corrupt legal system that has imprisoned nearly two and a half million people - a system which robs and destroys millions more, and which seems to be a form of at least subconscious terrorism upon nearly everyone inside the United States.

It seems a tragedy that Dr Les Sachs' major writing is largely banned from Google by orders of US judges, his own words suppressed while slanders and lies about him are given Google 'top rankings' - It is a tragedy because now, so many victims of the US legal system can no longer find his words, when thousands of e-mails show that the words of Dr Sachs, seem to have brought comfort and understanding to many victims of the USA.

The grief of Dr Les Sachs - the heart of a political refugee from the USA

There is an extremely heart-breaking story about Dr Les Sachs' cat, Miss Kitty, whom Sachs had met many years before, as a wounded and bleeding stray cat, whom Sachs had found near the swimming pool at the apartment complex in suburban Richmond, Virginia, where Sachs had lived since 1988.

Some months after Patricia Cornwell had begun the attacks on Sachs, Miss Kitty went blind.

US Justice Dept sources acknowledge that Dr Les Sachs was later forced to go into hiding, with Cornwell case lawyers threatening to have Sachs tortured to death in jail, in revenge for Sachs not paying them extortion money, and in revenge for Sachs trying to hire a lawyer to fight Patricia Cornwell and her gang.

As Sachs made his escape, driving away from the men threatening to kill him, Sachs took Miss Kitty northwards, to join Canadians who would help Sachs escape over the border. Eventually, with North American borders locking down by US Homeland Security authorities, and Canada not safe for him, Sachs was forced to leave for Europe, leaving his elderly blind cat Miss Kitty in a private home with Canadian friends and other cats.

Miss Kitty waited for many months for Sachs to return, and then almost exactly one year after Sachs saw her for the last time, the little cat died without him, as Sachs says, "Without hearing one last word from me, Without one last touch of my hand upon her fur."

Today, when you interview Dr Les Sachs, this is the one subject that consistently brings tears to Sachs' eyes about his ordeal, when he talks about this little blind cat whom he was never allowed to see again, because of the US lawyers and judges threatening to kill him, and forcing him to leave North America and be a political refugee in Europe.

For Dr Les Sachs, this is the greatest tragedy of his whole experience as a political refugee from the USA. Sachs still grieves immensely for his "little blind girl", though she has now been dead for several years.

When you listen to Dr Les Sachs speak of the love of animals, and of the importance of animals in the eyes of God, you realise you are hearing the core of who Sachs really is.

For a photo of Dr Les Sachs' beloved blind cat Miss Kitty, whom he was deprived of ever seeing alive again, see here:

Dr Les Sachs has written this 'In memoriam' about his 'blind child' of whose last days he was deprived:

In memoriam:

Miss Kitty, my little blind girl, my dear child
Whom I was never able to see alive again
Because of the US gov't - Patricia Cornwell threats to murder me,
That forced me to escape to Europe to save my own life

Miss Kitty, born circa 1989 -
Found her abandoned, hungry and bleeding in summer of 1993 -
Lived with her for over 10 years -
She went blind in late 2001, slept at my shoulder,
She bravely escaped Virginia with me,
Riding patiently in the car as we travelled north to safety,
While the Cornwell lawyers threatened to murder me

27 March 2004, the last day I saw her alive

Then Miss Kitty waited for me
In a house in North America
She prowled her small quarters,
Waiting for me for over a year,
Hoping to hear my footsteps just one more time.

Then, elderly and blind,
Miss Kitty died without me on 15 April 2005
Without hearing one last word from me
Without one last touch of my hand upon her fur.

To Miss Kitty:
Heaven bless you, my little dear
I will grieve about leaving you until the day I die
The day on which I will be happy to join you
Where you are now, in the arms of God.

Mafia-style crimes of the same US judges involved in the US 'war on terror'

In his writings on corruption and court fraud by judges, Dr Les Sachs provides evidence of crimes by the judges of the US federal 4th Circuit - the same US judges holding numerous 'war on terror' proceedings, the same US judges who support indefinite detention without trial, the same judges who support the torture of Muslims at Guantánamo, and many other atrocities.

The journalism of Dr Les Sachs is considered so explosive, that the US government takes it as a matter of 'US national interest' to see that Dr Sachs is banned, silenced, smeared, or possibly even killed. - Hence the long-running CIA programme to have Sachs slandered and murdered in Belgium.

With the evidence Dr Les Sachs shows, that the same US judges holding these 'terror trials' seem themselves to be engaged in mafia-style criminal acts, the Sachs case has the potential to rock the global legal landscape, and change the way the US legal system is viewed by the entire world, as well as block any future extraditions from the EU to the USA.

There is ample evidence, and lengthy court filings, indicating that Dr Les Sachs is under threat of assassination backed by the US regime, with US federal judges at the centre of the threats.

Given the substantial evidence of criminal menace upon him, Dr Sachs is under the protection of European governments, with letters expressing support from EU government figures, including the government of France and a member of the UK House of Lords.

Though some elements in Belgium are working with the CIA to attempt to have Dr Sachs murdered, Sachs also has significant protection in some places, including among the household of the King of the Belgians. - However, the European police perspective, is that they may not be able to stop or prevent the CIA from murdering Sachs here in Belgium.

According to EU police officials, the murder of Sachs is more likely to be carried out by pushing him in front of a speeding car - an arranged 'accident' - or by injecting him with a poisonous disease, than by shooting him. The current CIA and Mossad methods are to make such a murder look 'accidental' or 'natural'. The banning of Sachs' journalism from Google and the internet search results, so the world 'forgets about him', is a primary tool to enable the CIA to finish the job of murdering Sachs in Belgium, once he is 'forgotten'.

The anti-Semitic elements in the threats upon Dr Sachs, have triggered the effect of Europe's anti-Nazi laws. It is now a major European crime for anyone to seek to harm Sachs here, or to disclose his whereabouts so as to assist in harming him.

So Dr Sachs is partially protected in Europe, and has also received an expression of support from the socialist government of President Chávez in Venezuela; but in the USA, there are few with influence, who are yet brave enough to speak publicly in favour of this important US dissident.

The US federal judges have held two 'trials' against Dr Sachs, which US lawyers privately acknowledge to be Stalin-style frauds. US lawyers seem to almost universally agree, that the 'court orders' banning Sachs' freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and the orders upon Google and the search engines to delete Sachs' writings, are all illegal in terms of US law.

However, no US lawyer has ever been brave enough to be willing to publicly defend Dr Sachs, or to file a simple request to void these illegal orders. US lawyers privately express fear of being disbarred by the US judges, even of being physically harmed or murdered, or targeted with smear campaigns like Sachs himself, if that US lawyer would dare to request to nullify what they admit are clearly illegal orders banning Dr Sachs' journalism and websites.

Moreover, US Justice Department sources confirm that it is holding proof of felony crimes committed in the attacks upon Dr Sachs. However, the prosecution of any crimes linked to the attackers upon Sachs, has been blocked under all three of the Attorneys General appointed by Bush.

A request from the EU is being made to the new US President Barack Obama, and his new US Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr, to prosecute the criminal acts that have been made against Dr Les Sachs, and to remove the illegal orders that were served upon Google, to block the websites of Sachs so as to make his murder easier. The situation regarding Sachs, the efforts to murder Dr Les Sachs in Belgium, are viewed as a direct criminal attack by the US upon the European Union. Indeed, the US activities to have Dr Les Sachs murdered, are technically crimes of 'terrorism' under EU and international law, and US law as well.

President Obama's new Attorney General, Eric Holder is already aware of the situation, with the long Bush government efforts to have Dr Les Sachs murdered in Belgium, and how the Bush government had covered up for the criminal acts against Sachs. It will be interesting to see if Obama and Holder have the courage to oppose the criminal acts involving the CIA and US federal judges, or if the US itself needs to be put on trial in Europe in order to stop the US efforts to have Sachs murdered.

Some US officials wanted to help Sachs, and to send Patricia Cornwell and her lawyers to prison

Interestingly, journalists have been able to verify that there are certain tiny factions in the US government which want to support Dr Les Sachs, even while the dominant Bush administration and the CIA have been working to murder Sachs in Belgium.

Inside the US Department of Justice, there is an 'old guard' of US Justice Department employees, that wanted to prosecute the crimes of Patricia Cornwell several years earlier. These Justice Department sources confirm that the Justice Dept. holds proof of crimes such as court perjury under oath by Patricia Cornwell, and the proof that Cornwell hired extortionist friends of the federal judges who threatened to torture Sachs to death.

To view some of the evidence files held within the US Department of Justice regarding the crimes against Dr Les Sachs, see Patricia Cornwell Court Trial Documents:

Though Patricia Cornwell boasts of her friends among FBI agents and managers, there are also a few Justice Department people who view Cornwell as a "criminal slut" who deserves to be in prison. They describe Cornwell as having "an FBI file a mile long" with details on crimes in which Patricia Cornwell is involved, going back to the early 1990s, when Cornwell received stolen FBI files. Cornwell was also involved in destroying the careers of FBI agents, in a scandal that began when Cornwell had a lesbian affair with an FBI agent, Margo Bennett, and Cornwell's affair eventually led to a kidnapping and gunfight, and the destruction of two FBI careers and the imprisonment of one of them.

For a 1990s article on Cornwell's lesbian crime scandal with the married FBI agent, see this from Patricia Cornwell Court Trial Documents:

Moreover, this 'old guard' in the Justice Department deeply respects Dr Les Sachs, given that Sachs himself worked for the Justice Department in his youth, and won an award for his work there, helping the Department of Justice during a time of internal crisis. They see Sachs as a "good guy who got totally f*cked over by the Bush gang".

What has hampered this group inside the US Justice Dept from being able to make a case to prosecute the crimes involving Patricia Cornwell and the judges, is that there has not been any US lawyer or major organisation, that has been brave enough to defend Dr Les Sachs or to publicly call for the prosecution of these crimes against him.

Another element in the US government coming around to some favour for Sachs, is the US State Department, which has become greatly embarrassed in its European diplomatic work, by all the criminal and CIA attacks on Sachs in Belgium. The CIA and Bush government efforts to murder Dr Les Sachs on European Union territory, has become well known among various embassies in Brussels, and it is a great embarrassment to the US diplomatic corps.

Though it is not yet clear whether incoming President Obama has enough political courage to deal with terrorist crimes involving both the CIA and US federal judges, or whether Obama will also feel he should follow Bush in trying to hide the whole situation, and continue to support having the dissident Sachs murdered in Belgium.

Proof of crimes against Dr Les Sachs in US Justice Dept files

One such crime in US federal records, for example, is a fraudulent "Foundation" portrayed by a US federal judge and several lawyers, in the initial 'trial' against Dr Sachs.

In that so-called 'trial', Dr Sachs underwent instant banning of his freedom of speech, in a phone call from a federal judge, some minutes after he received the legal papers. Under cover of this ban on Sachs' freedom to speak, the judge appointed two of his personal contacts to claim to be Sachs' lawyers, the lawyers and the judge also claiming that these lawyers represented an operational 'civil rights Freedom Foundation'.

The US Justice Department confirms that no such 'Foundation' was certified with the US Internal Revenue Service, and it was thus a criminal fraud, a felony crime to pretend such a fraudulent "Foundation" is legitimate, or to uphold anything done with such a fraudulent "Foundation" - thus including the whole Dr Sachs 'trial'.

According to a US federal Appeals Court filing and supporting documents, the instant banning of Dr Sachs' freedom of speech and freedom of the press, was quickly used by the "Foundation" lawyers and the judge, to threaten to torture Sachs to death in a jail cell, and then quickly impose an alleged "settlement".

This bizarre "settlement" document is not even signed by Dr Les Sachs, and is clearly a complete fraud. Sachs had nothing to lose by a trial and by appealing the illegal orders banning his freedom of speech and journalism.

Nonetheless, the US judge and lawyers for Patricia Cornwell claimed that Sachs, somehow quickly "agreed" to the banning of his own freedom of speech for the rest of his life, the destruction of his publishing company and reputation, plus to work for many years ahead to pay several hundred thousand dollars to the judge's acquaintances, who claimed to be with this fraudulent "Foundation".

US lawyers privately agree that this is utterly absurd, and sources within the US Dept of Justice itself confirm, that the threats to torture Dr Sachs to death in a jail cell, are the only explanation of this strange 'settlement' signed only by the federal judge and the judge's friends working for Patricia Cornwell.

The facts of this historic case - apparently proving that US federal judges are holding Stalin-style fraudulent trials - seem to make nearly all US lawyers tremble down to their boots, putting them in great fear of confronting the political forces involved.

The fear of US lawyers for their own safety, if they dare to act against orders they recognise as clearly illegal, confirm the aspect of political terrorism here, that there is no justice at all in the US court system, given the treatment of such a distinguished figure as Dr Les Sachs.

After failing to find any lawyer brave enough to confront the matter inside the USA, Dr Sachs, under threat of murder in a jail cell, and pursued and menaced by the judge's acquaintances, escaped over the US border and took refuge in Europe in 2004. There, Sachs immediately made a US Appeals Court filing (3 April 2004), subsequently filed with the US Supreme Court, which the judges have never directly answered. US Dept of Justice sources confirm that this court filing, while difficult to read because of the emotional trauma in Sachs' words when he wrote it while still in hiding inside the USA, that this court filing is nonetheless an accurate account of crimes involving Patricia Cornwell, US Federal Judge Robert Payne, and their lawyers and friends.

To view this court filing with the US Appeals Court and US Supreme Court, see Patricia Cornwell Court Trial Documents

The US high judges never answered Sachs' court filing, choosing instead to cover up for court fraud and extortion involving a fellow US federal judge. Instead, the refugee Sachs in Europe, quickly became a target of hostility for US government agents, and eventually of revenge by the US judges themselves.

In the Netherlands, Sachs was attacked by US FBI agents e-mailing him computer viruses on the official FBI e-mail account, and by continuous smears from media associated with Bush's financier friend Cornwell. CIA agents and Cornwell's own staff collaborated in planting lies about Sachs on Wikipedia. Sachs was an early journalist exposing the CIA-Wikipedia connections, and Wikipedia has had no hesitation in supporting Sachs being banned and murdered.

A British-Australian computer nerd, David Gerard, official UK spokesman for Jimmy Wales and the Wikipedia foundation, has made an official declaration of Wiki-war and Wiki-hatred, against the non-Zionist Jew Dr Les Sachs. David Gerard, speaking officially for Wikipedia, e-mailed insults and abuse to Dr Sachs, and Gerard informed Sachs that Gerard was personally working to help block Sachs' internet communications, so he can be banned and murdered.

Wikipedia's David Gerard does not deny that he is personally an anti-Semite, taking a great personal pleasure in using the power of Wikipedia to murder a non-Zionist Jew like Sachs, who seemed helpless and vulnerable to him.

For a long time, Wikipedia authorised Patricia Cornwell's personal staff to operate the Wikipedia Cornwell page as a personal playground and fan site for Patricia Cornwell. They hid most of the facts about Cornwell's life, and filled Wikipedia with oily praise for Cornwell, and with ugly slanders about Dr Les Sachs, using fraudulent 'sources' in articles that were actually from Cornwell's own publishing companies.

A major fake 'source' for the Wikipedia slanders, was an utterly dishonest piece by US law professor Rosario 'Roy' Girasa, who has long worked for Patricia Cornwell's publisher Pearson plc, as part of the campaign to have Dr Les Sachs destroyed.

Wikipedia's lies about Dr Les Sachs, were then of course replicated on many other websites which repeat Wikipedia material, most notably Answers-com, based in Jerusalem and which does not deny it is linked to Israel's Mossad intelligence agency. Answers-com does not deny it has been working to support the murder of the non-Zionist Jew Sachs, and to try and destroy Sachs' work to help Muslims.

Despite the slanders about him on Wikipedia and Answers-com, the political refugee Dr Sachs in Europe nonetheless re-started his journalism after arriving in freedom in Europe, and his journalism became increasingly effective as a leading international voice about the corruption of the US legal system, despite the Wiki-slandering.

The journalism of Dr Les Sachs may even have changed President Bush's appointment to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. A leading candidate Bush personally interviewed, 4th circuit Appeals Judge Harvie Wilkinson, was passed over after Sachs published an article critical of Wilkinson, and Bush selected Chief Justice Roberts instead.
Appeals Judge Harvie Wilkinson had participated in the cover-up of the initial attacks against Sachs by Patricia Cornwell and US Federal Judge Robert Payne, as Wilkinson has a position both on the 4th Circuit Appeals Panel, and on the Supreme Court Judicial Misconduct Panel, which received Sachs' court appeals that he filed from Europe.

Appeals Judge Wilkinson is said to be murderously angry about losing out on the Supreme Court position because of the article by Sachs. According to Virginia lawyers, Wilkinson's own hatred then fused with the hatred for Sachs of Judge Robert Payne, and the other federal judges of the 4th Circuit, all furious they are unable to jail or have other power over this dissident journalist Sachs who escaped to safe haven abroad.

So, in 2007, Wilkinson's 4th Circuit - the same group of US judges involved originally in attacking Dr Sachs - authorised a new US federal 'trial' among themselves, in collaboration with the CIA and with Bush's friends and Patricia Cornwell, with the goal to ban most of Sachs' journalism from the internet, as a prelude to his murder.

Thus, the same group of judges who had earlier held the first 'trial' against Dr Sachs, with the fraudulent "Foundation", in 2007 thus held a new in absentia 'legal proceeding' against this journalist refugee in Europe, with the result that now, the majority of Sachs' online writings, and even his auto-biography, are banned from Google and the major search engines. The US judges don't want the people of the world to know that the US conducts trials that are so clearly fraudulent, that the victims need to receive asylum in Europe.

The US judges, criminally grabbing for whatever power they can against this journalist who managed to escape alive from their threats and extortion, simply grabbed at Google as their tool to help the CIA to murder this man in Europe.

It seems this is the only method the US judges and CIA could use to suppress these writings, of the dissident US journalist and critic of the courts, who had escaped to Europe and to safety in asylum beyond their clutches.

The CIA and the Bush administration directly joined in the new trial to attack Dr Sachs and to ban his writings from Google, in the person of prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, who has long represented CIA interests within the Justice Department, as he did in the 'CIA leak' case.

Dr Sachs' journalism about the CIA role in Wikipedia, plus his journalism about evidence of criminal acts by FBI agents and US judges against him, had raised the case of Sachs to a high profile for US authorities. It is viewed in some quarters, as a matter of 'the national interests of the United States government' to see that Sachs is silenced by any means including murder.

Under Bush, these people who want to silence and murder dissidents like Sachs, are much more powerful than the small 'old guard' who had wanted to criminally prosecute Patricia Cornwell and her lawyers and Judge Robert Payne.

The US and CIA greatly wish that the writings of Sachs be banned from the internet, and his reputation smeared beyond recovery. Sources confirm a US government fear of how Dr Sachs was becoming a significant figure for US opposition movements.

So the devious Patrick Fitzgerald - acting for the CIA and Bush administration, and to this day not denying he is holding proof of crimes involving Patricia Cornwell and the US judges - Fitzgerald issued a public letter declaring, in effect, that any crimes against Sachs would not be investigated or prosecuted, and in personal support of the efforts to ban Dr Sachs' journalism from the internet.

Interviews with Fitzgerald's office via his press aide Randall Samborn, make it clear that Fitzgerald knows that Sachs is a victim of serious terrorist crimes. But Fitzgerald's higher loyalty is to the CIA, and to help making sure that an important critic of the US regime such as Sachs, is murdered and assassinated.

The banning of Sachs' websites from Google, makes Dr Sachs' assassination much easier, and US sources indicate that the assassination of Sachs, to silence his writing for ever, would be a 'desirable' event for the US judges and the outgoing Bush government.

Clearly, this is a very disturbing as well as historic legal matter which is now moving toward litigation in the EU courts, with significant relevance to other nations both inside and outside Europe.

The upcoming legal cases in the EU concern:
- these illegal US bans on Google and Yahoo, and other search engines, preventing them from including these journalism sites in search engine results, thus violating the rights of EU and all world citizens;
- Google agreeing to use its monopoly power to assist the US government in the terrorist criminal murder of European citizens;
- a set of criminal acts and harassment of Sachs in the Netherlands and Belgium, involving the friends of Bush and CIA and other US government agents and officials, to do criminal and terrorist harm to Sachs and to enable his murder;
- the evidence of US government extortion and threats of murder against Dr Les Sachs, including evidence of extensive court fraud in the two US 'legal proceedings' to ban this man's writing;
- what is described as the largest global media smear campaign of libel and lies ever conducted against a political refugee, involving US and UK media companies and Wikipedia.

Interestingly, the attacks on Dr Sachs by the US government and the media companies, are being cited now by lawyers as technically 'acts of terrorism'. After all, to threaten to possibly murder a dissident journalist, and to criminally attack a political refugee, are indeed crimes of 'terrorism' by the US government's own admission.

And it is still a crime of 'terrorism' if it is the USA regime itself who is guilty of this offence, despite how the US is always accusing others of 'support for terrorism'.

The Sachs case, and the US efforts to murder the non-Zionist Jew Dr Les Sachs in Belgium, are more evidence for those who would argue, that it is the US regime itself which is the world's major terrorist government.

This is a very concrete issue now, that European authorities are forced to ponder the activities of the US government, criminal acts to enable the murder of Sachs on the streets of Brussels, Belgium, right in the capital of the entire European Union.

The media campaign against Dr Sachs, and Dr Sachs' self-defence

One of the most shocking aspects of researching the long history of the attacks on Dr Les Sachs, is how easily the journalists working for the big US-UK media companies, are willing to support the banning and murder of an independent journalist like Sachs.

It seems there is no shame among these people in accepting bribes from the friends of President Bush to write false news articles, and to publish criminal libels in support of CIA assassination and murder.

US corporate media, and some UK sources as well, have assisted the US judges in the banning of Dr Sachs' journalism, via a media campaign which mis-represented the issues in the legal cases and the documents, and hid the nature of the journalism being banned.

These media attacks against Dr Les Sachs have dominated the internet right from the beginning of the blocking and banning of Sachs' journalism and websites, right down to the present. And many people have been fooled by these false media and Wikipedia articles, immediately e-mailing abuse and insults to Sachs after reading lies about him planted by the Cornwell media operation and the US judges and government.

However, the media attacks are now in process of being withdrawn, as media companies have realised they are liable in Europe for their deceptions to help in the murder of Dr Les Sachs. Now facing liabilities in the EU courts, media companies are pulling back various stories they published earlier.

As they withdraw the deceptive stories, they don't publish apologies and corrections. It seems the corporate media either want to attack Dr Sachs, or just withdraw the story and say nothing.

There are multiple hoaxes in the media attacks on Dr Sachs. One media story is that Sachs accused Bush's friend of 'plagiarism'. Yet it seems clear from records that Sachs never used this word, and that the 'plagiarism' story is a hoax designed by lawyers, to distract from other facts in the court records.

Media stories tell outright lies saying that Sachs put a sticker on his own books, accusing Cornwell of 'plagiarism'. Yet when you look at the sticker in original US court files, you see that the sticker spoke only of Cornwell's threats to burn a Jew's books, no hint at all of anything remotely like 'plagiarism'.

For a scan of US courthouse files, showing that media are lying about the 'sticker' on the books of Dr Les Sachs, see Patricia Cornwell Court Trial Documents

But much worse than this deception -

The US judges, and the US media, have put out a global story that Dr Sachs' journalism constituted 'cyberstalking' of Bush's financier friend Cornwell, 'cyberstalking' because Sachs did not stay quiet about how he had come to take asylum in Europe, and because he published a biography of Cornwell with supporting bibliography, showing facts about the life of Cornwell that Cornwell wants to keep hidden.

As Cornwell is 'famous', it seemed an easy fiction for the US lawyers, to try and sell the story that someone writing critically about her must be a 'celebrity cyberstalker'. - It seems that this 'cyberstalking' hoax was fabricated in a joint project of the CIA and the lawyers working with Patricia Cornwell and the CIA at the CIA-linked WilmerHale law firm.

The idea was to slander and defame the dissident political journalist Sachs, with the especially ugly 'stalker' label, to make him sound as if he was both criminal and mentally disturbed, while at the same time banning the actual websites of Sachs, so that almost no one could actually read the truth about Sachs, and what he was actually saying in his political journalism, and the account of how threats to murder him forced him to become a political refugee.

The CIA-linked lawyers at WilmerHale, do not deny that they intentionally copied the court techniques of Joseph Stalin in order to slander Sachs. The WilmerHale lawyers intentionally hired a psychiatrist who was willing to tell lies for money, this lying 'expert' providing false testimony that Sachs' journalism sites was somehow 'cyberstalking', when they all knew Sachs was telling the truth about the threats to murder him by Patricia Cornwell's thugs - as confirmed even by US Department of Justice sources.

It seems that just like in the 'show trials' of Stalin in the worst Soviet days, dishonest political 'psychiatrists' are trotted out to tell lies saying that the political dissident is 'mentally disturbed'.

Now, however, this 'stalking' story has been shown as false and hollow, a complete hoax, as the media companies withdraw their previous stories attacking Dr Sachs, and as the lawyers for Cornwell and the US judges, now decline to respond to questions, in apparent fear of European court action where the 'stalking' stories will be further exposed as a fraud.

It seems now that no one in the Patricia Cornwell gang, is willing to explain how a biography of this famous Cornwell using documented sources, and a true account of how a person came to be a political refugee, also documented, somehow constitute 'cyberstalking' - especially given the long stream of attacks on Dr Sachs by the Cornwell media team, and given the evidence that Cornwell had hired people to threaten to torture Sachs to death in a US jail cell.

The US judges and CIA seem to have thought that this was all clever, a successful way to gain control of Google and block people's websites so they can be murdered:

Just have a judge issue a corrupt declaration, that overseas internet journalism has been labelled as 'cyberstalking', and then ban it from Google so no one can read it anymore, and then no one can find out the real facts which Google has been ordered to delete. With Google agreeing to help the CIA to block the truth, all that people will be able to find is that so-and-so was declared a 'cyberstalker' and 'stalker', a horrible slander stuck to the victim that can never be erased, with the victim banned from replying, until the day the victim is murdered and exterminated for good.

The US federal judges themselves joined directly in this smear campaign against Dr Les Sachs, the judges writing long essays attacking Dr Sachs' character as part of the court records, the judges thus having their essays posted on the internet, and ordering Google to block any replies by Dr Sachs from appearing.

The angry US judges, having no address for Dr Les Sachs and no other power over him, even had their courthouse staff personally harassing Sachs in Belgium, with e-mails attaching the judges' 'court orders', terrorising Sachs with how they were blocking his websites so the CIA could kill him.

And Dr Sachs e-mailed the judges back, telling them hilariously to take their illegal orders and go "shove it".

The US judges, seizing direct dominance over Google at CIA request, thus tried to ensure that the internet was dominated by negative material against Dr Sachs, planted by media figures working closely with the judges.

The US judges have set up a streamlined procedure with lawyers for Bush's friend Cornwell and her media operation, so that new orders can be promptly served upon Google to ban any new websites or writings by Dr Sachs that may appear. A long string of orders have already been issued.

In its service to the CIA to help Sachs get murdered, as it blocks Dr Sachs' websites from English searches, Google merely appends a timid and nearly invisible note at the bottom of the search page, referring to chillingeffects-org to see the orders regarding the banning of websites from Google search results. Foreign language searches simply block Sachs' sites, with no notice at all.

For their part, US and UK media companies who are tied to Cornwell's publishing operation, or in a position to benefit from favours from US judges - and also, very sadly, Wikipedia - mounted aggressive attacks on Dr Sachs, creating quite major internet deceptions about the material that was banned, centred in the now hollow 'cyberstalking' theme.

For example, CNN ran global stories attacking Dr Sachs. while totally refusing to talk to him - CNN is part of Time Warner, which publishes Cornwell's novels via Time Warner Books. CNN does not deny it has a policy of intentionally spreading false 'news' stories to help Patricia Cornwell to murder and slander her critics, in order to assist Time-Warner company profits from Cornwell's book sales. - With Cornwell being a 'friend of the federal judges', no US lawyer is willing to file a lawsuit against CNN over these false global news stories.

Zinie Chen Sampson of the Associated Press (AP), does not deny she personally accepted bribery cash from Cornwell's media team, in order to use the power of the AP to spread the hoax 'cyberstalking' stories, and to have Sachs banned and murdered.

The New York Times Company has taken an extremely aggressive role in supporting the CIA to have Dr Les Sachs murdered. A reporter at the New York Times' subsidiary paper, David Mehegan of The Boston Globe, e-mailed Sachs his personal hatred and insults, before publishing an utterly deceptive story supporting Sachs' banning and murder. David Mehegan does not deny accepting a cash bribe from Cornwell's lawyer Joan Lukey at the CIA-tied WilmerHale law firm in Boston, and Lukey does not deny paying the bribe to Mehegan.

Quite shockingly, the UK Guardian also has supported the banning and CIA murder of Dr Les Sachs. But then it turns out the Guardian is financially involved with Patricia Cornwell's publishing companies, most notably Pearson plc, which documents prove to have been involved in the threats to ban and murder Sachs from the very beginning.

Dan Glaister of the Guardian, does not deny he accepted a bribe of cash from the Patricia Cornwell media team, to publish a false story about Sachs, with Glaister spreading the 'cyberstalking' hoax and other lies about him. The Guardian also allows that it would be "different" if it were a Muslim country attacking Sachs. In that case, the Guardian would be willing to support Sachs and make it an issue of "freedom of speech and journalism".

But since it is the US government and CIA who wish to murder the dissident Sachs, and not a Muslim country, and because the Guardian's financial partners are the publishers of Cornwell's books, the Guardian policy is to publish pieces that support Sachs being banned and murdered.

Since publishing the false story attacking Sachs, the Guardian has refused to respond to any of Sachs' messages or complaints. The Guardian seems pleased to support the banning of victims from Google, so they cannot reply to false Guardian articles.

None of these media asked to look at Dr Sachs' proof documents, and the media producing these articles not only largely avoid interviewing Sachs, in some cases they refuse all communications with him, and even e-mail him insults.

In the 1990s, journalists used to describe being offered bribes by Cornwell, with Cornwell offering bribes hoping they would write false stories praising her. Now, it seems journalists are simply taking the money, and, as described above, several journalists who published nasty articles against Sachs are not denying they accepted bribery money from Cornwell's media team.

From this media attack campaign, many other people on the web, have repeated the misleading media material in an escalating cycle, or posted or e-mailed abuse about Dr Sachs after reading some tainted source or seeing a CNN broadcast smearing him.

A specific goal of this joint project of the CIA and Patricia Cornwell's media operatives, is to encourage hatred and abuse of Sachs from all around the world, and to funnel people's emotions of racism and anti-Semitism, toward this non-Zionist Jew Sachs, this peaceful man who is a friend of Muslims and who, of all Jews, least deserves to be the brunt of any kind of anti-Jewish hatred.

With the encouragement of Patricia Cornwell, the CIA, and with Google's blocking of the facts about this dissident, the internet is filed with anti-Jewish hatred toward Sachs, described as a "self-hating Jew" and with many other insults encouraged by this Cornwell-CIA-US government scheme to have Sachs murdered.

Not only are Dr Les Sachs' own websites blocked from Google, web pages which merely dared to link to him have also been blocked, as the internet filled with attacks upon him, and while US judges ordered Google to delete any self-defence by Sachs himself.

As the WilmerHale law firm promised they would accomplish for Bush's friend Patricia Cornwell, the Jewish-heritage Dr Les Sachs was indeed 'smeared all over the internet', while positive views of him have been systematically exterminated. People writing positively about him inside the US, were at times directly intimidated by US lawyers, while no US lawyer is willing to help a blogger intimidated by Cornwell, no US lawyer is willing to confront political threats from Cornwell or her allies.

Now, some of us in Europe are beginning better journalism about this case, in contrast to the quite misleading articles which are being withdrawn. Journalists in Europe are now examining the proof documents, that no US scribbler seems to wish to see.

It is a complete contrast between interviewing Dr Sachs and his people, on the one hand, and on the other hand interviewing the Patricia Cornwell media team, and the CIA and US government officials, and the US lawyers and judges who are involved in banning Sachs' journalism from the internet.

Dr Sachs answers everything in detail, and shows you what among the thousands of pages of evidence is backing up what he is saying. - On the other hand, the Bush government, the US lawyers and judges who attacked Sachs, and the Cornwell media team, the CIA representative Patrick Fitzgerald, are refusing to answer nearly all enquiries.

Now, with the EU legal cases upcoming, these parties who attacked Sachs, do not try to deny that the journalism of Sachs which they have banned from the internet, is in fact truthful and well-founded.

By the fact the US corporate media is withdrawing its previous attack pieces against Dr Sachs, as they fear European legal actions, you may perhaps have your own conclusion as to who is telling the truth here.

For those who wish to investigate on their own, Dr Sachs makes available thousands of pages of evidence files which are going to be submitted to EU courts. The websites of Sachs described below, contain links to contact Sachs, who welcomes public enquiries.

For how to interview Dr Les Sachs, or Patricia Cornwell and her lawyers and US government officials involved in the attacks upon Sachs, see Patricia Cornwell Court Trial Documents:

How to access the banned journalism of Dr Les Sachs

Since becoming a political refugee from the US, Dr Les Sachs published many important pieces on the web in 2004-2007, as seen in the list of banned writings below. These writings continued a long career of publishing about US corruption since the 1980s.

One should note that the intimidating against Google and the search engines, sometimes have led to Google blocking web pages that even dare to link to Dr Sachs, so be sure to avoid placing any direct html link if you discuss Dr Sachs' writing on the internet. - Even this web page you are reading might be blocked from Google and the search engines, if a direct link was placed here.

There are several websites with the banned material, but you can reach all of them via the main website of Dr Les Sachs in Belgium:

www (point) dr-les-sachs (point) be (Suggest to NOT put this on the web as a direct link! - Any web page linking to this site directly, may be blocked from Google by US orders!)

Note that the domain suffix is 'be' (for Belgium) instead of 'com', and those are hyphens within the web address, rather than underscores.

From the main page of Dr Les Sachs' website, links are provided near the top of the main page there, to a number of banned-and-blocked pieces of his popular journalism.

The banning orders served upon Google and the search engines, are not always in perfect operation, as various people continue to try and link and suggest Dr Sachs' banned journalism, so sometimes the banned material does pop up in search results.

Also, Dr Sachs allows all of his website journalism and content to be freely republished by anyone, under the broadest kind of 'Creative Commons' licence, and some people have been republishing the banned-and-blocked material, trying to make it visible in other places.

Here, a list of the major journalism pieces by Dr Les Sachs read and passed around by others.

From this list of the banned-and-blocked journalism of Dr Sachs, you can already see evidence of falsehood of the US media articles which attacked him. - Those articles often falsely suggest that the banning of Dr Sachs' journalism, was principally 'harassment' or 'cyberstalking' of the Bush family friend, political financier and author Patricia Cornwell.

But as you can see, most of the banned journalism is not even about Patricia Cornwell. Most of the material that was banned - much of it initially housed on a popular blogspot blog that was shut down by Google, to please the US judges and CIA - is not even about Patricia Cornwell.

And the biography of Patricia Cornwell that was banned - the biography that was labelled by US judges as allegedly 'cyberstalking' - is itself supported by a bibliography of other suppressed articles - a bibliography which the US judges also banned, of course - and by a set of evidence files supporting the banned biography.

It thus clear on the face of things, that the 'harassment of Cornwell' story which was broadcast by US-UK media companies, was a deceptive ruse to try and discredit a journalist with a wide-ranging critique of US judicial corruption.

In a nutshell, it seems the US corporate media have acted like a mafia, helping the US judges and CIA and government to attack Dr Sachs and to have him murdered as well as banned.

Just below, as Dr Sachs says, "What the USA is now illegally trying to block the world from finding on the internet":

List of major writings of Dr Les Sachs, that have been banned and blocked from Google and the search engines (blocking may vary at any individual moment)

The "Complete Underground Guide and FAQ, to US Judicial and Legal Corruption" (free online book)

"America's Corrupt Legal System - Danger to Visitors, Travellers as Well as USA Residents"

"Americans Murdering Their Judges, and the American Crisis of Judicial Corruption"

The article that perhaps changed the US Supreme Court, possibly preventing J. Harvie Wilkinson III from becoming Chief Justice: "Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III, His Cover-Up for 4th Circuit Judges and Bush Friend Patricia Cornwell"

"Detailed Biography of Dr Les Sachs" - the banned story of how Dr Sachs became a political refugee in Europe

"The CIA and Wikipedia" - Wikipedia and Answers-com, described as tools of US government disinformation

The 'Banned Biography' - "The True Early Life and Career of Author Patricia Cornwell: Crimes & Scandals of a Friend of Bush, and Far-Right Political Financier"

"Footsteps of Anne Frank": US writer of Jewish heritage forced to take political refuge in Europe

"US Appeals Court filing of 3 April 2004" - composed in hiding inside the US, before Dr Sachs escaped over the border - A 125-count court filing served up as high as the Supreme Court of the United States, but apparently never answered by US judges, detailing alleged crimes of US federal judges with Bush's financier friend Patricia Cornwell

Once again, to access the above writings,

There are several websites with the banned material, but you can reach all of them via the main website of Dr Les Sachs in Belgium:

www (point) dr-les-sachs (point) be (Suggest to NOT put this on the web as a direct link! - Any web page linking to this site directly, may be blocked from Google by US orders!)

Note that the domain suffix is 'be' (for Belgium) instead of 'com', and those are hyphens within the web address, rather than underscores.

To view some of the proof files regarding the US criminal acts against Dr Les Sachs, that forced him to become a refugee; or for researchers who would like data on how to interview sources for this article for themselves, see 'Patricia Cornwell Court Trial Documents':

Also, related journalism of Dr Les Sachs on MWC News

An alternative news service based in Canada, MWC News ("Media with Conscience"), has been brave enough to continue to publish several articles from Dr Sachs despite the intimidation of the rather large media attack campaign conducted against Sachs during 2007. The online MWC articles of Dr Sachs are as follows:

"Foreign Companies Face Risk of US Court Corruption: Doing Business in the Big Bribery Nation"

"US Government Attacks on Jews, versus the Power of the US 'Jewish Lobby'"

"BBC Showing Saddam Snuff Video - The Darkest Propaganda Game of All"


Dan Hajidah

Abdan "Dan" Hajidah is a researcher who has supplied documented source material to journalists at leading news outlets in Europe. He spreads his time among several northern European countries.

Dan can be reached by e-mail at: