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De ploeg van is verhuisd naar waar we samen met anderen aan een nieuwswebsite werken. De komende weken en maanden bouwen we om tot een archief van 10 jaar werk van honderden vrijwilligers. roept op voor 'balanced media' over conflict in Gaza roept op voor 'balanced media' over conflict in Gaza

Jon Stewart van 'The Daily Show' laat snedig zien waar het probleem zit met 'unbalanced media' coverage on the Gaza conflict.

Uit de nieuwsbrief:

"Far from taking sides, our effort will show that a pro-peace voice is both pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian, because it advocates for lasting security and justice for both peoples.

For years a balanced perspective has been largely absent from US media. Palestinian kids throwing rocks were seen as dangerous rioters, rather than token resistance to an illegal and repressive military occupation. The crushing nature of the Israeli occupation, the numbers of Palestinians beaten or killed, the way that Palestinians live in a type of giant prison with even the smallest movements or actions tightly controlled, are almost never covered by US media. The same media however often create great empathy among Americans for innocent Israeli victims of violence, telling their personal stories in depth. See links below for a number of studies that have showed the overwhelming bias of American media in this conflict. Until the American media can tell both heart-rending sides of the story, no US president will be able to broker a fair peace.

The opportunity is there. After the trauma of the Bush years there is a fresh wind blowing through American democracy and media. A new emphasis on responsible, tough journalism, and a genuine desire among media professionals to be more balanced. On the other hand, a massive PR infrastructure established by a few powerful organizations puts tens of millions of dollars a year into conveying a pro-war perspective to US media. This is tough competition, but our effort will have a much easier job – we'll be pushing balance, not bias, helping journalists to do their job, not shirk it. Obama has promised "fairness" in his approach to this region, let's help make it politically possible for him to deliver. Click below:

With hope,

Ricken, Graziela, Alice, Luis, Paul, Brett, Milena, Paula, Pascal, Iain and the whole Avaaz team."

PS: For more information about bias in the US media and on coverage of the recent war in Gaza:

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PPS: Please click on this link for an award winning video made by Avaaz which is the kind of material that we will use to encourage more balanced understanding of the Middle East:


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