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Copy Protection on cd's

Copy Protection on cd's

I have an ipod, I listen to music on my pc, I don't want to look for my cd every time I want to listen to it and I would love to make a backup in case I scratch it. Nothing "pirate" about it.


The Music industry - of course - disagrees. No copy, no mp3s, no flacs for a product you paid for. On my system (I use GNU/Linux), I do this on a terminal (my disk is /dev/hdc):

$ cdparanoia -d /dev/hdc -B

This will make nice wavs you can burn to a cd. Or you can convert the to flac or mp3.

To make nice flacs:
(you may need to install shntool: sudo apt-get install shntool)
$ shntool conv -o flac *.wav

(or if you prefer mp3s: $ lame --preset insane *wav )

That's it. Don't forget to add some info on the files with easytag ...


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